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Young Justice is a Cartoon Network animated series that focuses on the adventures of teenaged superheroes in the DC Universe. Young Justice's characters fight evil while trying to prove that they're more than just sidekicks in the shadow of their more famous mentors in the Justice League. Young Justice is not directly tied to current DC Universe comics continuity, but is instead set in a world where superheroes are still a new phenomenon.

Young Justice's core of characters includes heroic proteges Aqualad, Superboy, Robin, Kid Flash, Speedy, and Miss Martian, gathered together to form a covert action team as a complement to the more publicly visible Justice League. Zatanna, Artemis, and Rocket also joined the team over the course of the first season, which ran for 26 episodes. The first season revolved around a struggle between Young Justice and a villainous secret society called the Light, which included such major villains as Vandal Savage, Lex Luthor, Ra's al Ghul, and the Brain.

The second season of the series, titled Young Justice: Invasion, was set five years after the first series and pitted the team of young heroes against an invasion by the alien Kroloteans, a secretive race that has infiltrated Earth. The team has changed somewhat in the intervening years, with the departure of Speedy, Aqualad, Zatanna, Artemis, and Rocket and the addition of several younger heroes, including Blue Beetle, Beast Boy, Batgirl, Wonder Girl, Lagoon Boy, and a new Robin.

It has not yet been announced whether there will be a third season of Young Justice, although the show's creators say they are ready to produce one if Cartoon Network requests it.

Saturday 10:30 AM et/pt on Cartoon Network
2 Seasons, 46 Episodes
January 7, 2011
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Danica McKellar, Jesse McCartney, Nolan North, Khary Payton
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Young Justice Full Episode Guide

  • On the verge of finally ending the alien invasion, the team discovers the price of victory may be the entire planet Earth!

  • The Light calls a summit to decide the final fate of Aqualad, the team ... and the entire planet Earth!

  • The team embarks on a desperate endeavor to free Blue Beetle!

  • A band of misfits is put to the test when Lex Luthor sends them behind enemy lines ... to rescue the team!

  • Black Manta gives Miss Martian 24 hours to live, but that may be more time than Aqualad has, with Sportsmaster and Cheshire on the hunt for his head!

  • Black Manta seeks vengeance against Miss Martian.

  • When the Reach forms a devil's alliance with Lexcorp, Robin leads a squad undercover to investigate.

  • The team is trapped inside the Hall of Justice for a cage match against a brutal alien gladiator!

  • On a covert mission to rescue some of its own, the team, Blue Beetle and Miss Martian uncover shocking secrets... and devastating truths!

  • Black Manta has a new mission for his son - a mission that should prove once and for all exactly whose side Aqualad is on!

  • Roy Harper seeks vengeance against the man who ruined his life!

  • Artemis rejoins the team to defend a critical satellite launch -- but will her first mission back also be her last?

  • An intruder mysteriously appears inside Mount Justice, claiming to be a tourist from the future. But who is he really? And what ishis true agenda?

  • Jaime Reyes looks desperately for a missing friend, while Miss Martian, Batgirl, Bumblebee and Wonder Girl return to Bialya to discover what lies beneath.

  • While Superboy and Blue Beetle fight Intergang, Nightwing and company attempt to repair the soul of a former comrade fallen from grace.

  • The Team and the Justice League hunt the Kroloteans that have invaded Earth-but the aliens have an unexpected source of help.

  • Miss Martian, Superboy, Beast Boy and Adam Strange arrive on the distant planet Rann to prevent the alien infiltration of Earth at its source.

  • An alien race has launched an invasion of Earth from Rann using teleporters, and only Young Justice can travel there since the Justice League is forbidden on the planet.

  • Young Justice learns the true identity of the mole and must battle the Justice League itself when Vandal Savage and Klarion the Witch Boy make their move.

  • The Team gets a new member and are assigned a new mission - a mission that may finally expose all the Team's secrets... and all their lies!

  • The team goes undercover at the Haly International Traveling Circus to locate a thief stealing weapons technology across Europe - but a thief isn't all they find.

  • Red Arrow's return undercuts Artemis's confidence, while the team's mission to track down Sportsmaster threatens to expose her darkest secrets...

  • A secret operation against Queen Bee in Qurac forces Miss Martian to finally confront her greatest fears and her biggest secrets. But will she reveal those secrets to her friends or allow what she's hiding to take down the entire team?

  • Wally West's birthday wish of flying alongside the Justice League almost comes true. Instead, a disappointed Kid Flash is removed from the mission and tasked with a simple delivery job. But a few deadly surprises await the birthday boy along the way.

  • Zatanna and Billy Batson must take on the five most powerful sorcerers on Earth.

  • Harm hunts Artemis and Zatanna when they go to Manhattan for Halloween.

  • It so happens that Conner Kent's pet, Sphere, originally belonged to the Forever People of New Genesis ... and they want Sphere back!

  • When the Justice League is defeated by alien invaders, Young Justice fills in to fight in their stead.

  • The team is determined to find out if the robot, Red Tornado was a mole, even if they have to kidnap their new friend Zatanna and drag her with them.

  • The team is excited to join forces with the Justice League to fight plant creatures that are attacking major cities around the world.

  • Already exhausted and rattled after a home turf invasion of the Cave, the team learns that Aqualad, their friend and leader had withheld vital information that put them all at risk. Batman sends the team and new "den-mother" Captain Marvel to India to investigate bizarre reports of armed animals attacking human beings.

  • Can Artemis and Robin, the teens without super-powers save the team from the unknown invaders when the cave itself is attacked?

  • Batman tells Superboy and Miss Martian to go undercover inside Belle Reve Penitentiary.

  • Batman assigns Superboy and Miss Martian to go undercover inside Belle Reve Penitentiary, a federal prison designed to house the world's worst super-villains.

  • The team is wandering in the desert of Bialya confused, with no memory of the last six months or of each other.

  • Aqualad returns to Atlantis and questions his role as team leader, following a bad mission. However, he soon discovers that his destiny is secured in leadership.

  • The team investigates the disappearance of Kent Nelson (formerly Doctor Fate).

  • Artemis faces an uphill battle winning over her new teammates, as she attempts to to fill Red Arrow's boots on a mission he initiated.

  • Superboy's anger for Superman is consuming him.

  • Young Justice's first official mission, and they don't even have a leader yet!

  • Young Justice mistakenly think the evil Mister Twister is actually Red Tornado "testing" them!

  • After their capture by Cadmus security forces, Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash have only one hope of escape: the mysterious Superman clone, which must choose his loyalties.

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