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Tower Prep is one of the live action shows which Cartoon Network aired. Ian Archer finds himself blacking out, only to wake up in Tower Prep, unaware of how he arrived. While getting his bearings, he meets students CJ, Gabe, and Suki. While CJ has no memory of her life prior to Tower Prep, Gabe and Suki were sent to the school by their parents. The four teens find common ground in having special abilities as well as their desires to escape from the school, with their first attempt defeated by "Gnomes." While returning, Ian find a note that reads "I'm Scared Too" but none of the others wrote the note to him.

They later investigate the note's writer, finding an older version of the school's AI. After playing a dangerous video game to appease her, a power surge short-circuits "Whisper" 23 and reveals that Whisper 119 is behind the message and power surge. Further investigation reveals that sports coach History knows something about the gnomes, with the ultimate truth being that the gnomes are other students. A few days later, Ian discovers notes on escaping the school inside a copy of the Odyssey. These notes mention students similar to the book's monsters and later reveal that Ian isn't to escape but to examine the school's true purpose.

Down the line, the students pair up for a Biology exercise, discovering a gnome lair as well as a group, led by Phillips, which functions in the wilds and save as many students as they can. Ian demands to speak with his parents on his birthday, but the call turns out to be Whisper posing as Ian's mother. Eventually the group learn that Whisper was upgraded to model 120 and while Ian is able to make a satellite call to his mom, she claims that it's too dangerous and hangs up. Headmaster is revealed to be CJ's father. Eventually the four manage do escape from the school, which Whisper states not many succeed at.

Cartoon Network
1 Season, 13 Episodes
October 16, 2010
Children, Family
Cast: Drew Van Acker, Ryan Pinkston, Elise Gatien, Dyana Liu
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Tower Prep Full Episode Guide

  • Ian must reunite the gang to break Gabe out of West Tower.

  • Ian and Gabe's roommate returns, claiming to know a way out.

  • Ian begins to suspect Cal Rice of being a spy. Meanwhile, several students who have fled Tower Prep take refuge in the woods.

  • Several of the students of Tower Prep attempt to commandeer a satellite in order to place a phone call. Suki sees her brother, who she believed was dead.

  • While Ian and the others try to decipher a mysterious shared dream, a new student arrives at Tower Prep and immediately rebels. The group must decide whether to trust him, and follow the trail of dream clues to the origins of Tower Prep.

  • During a field trip, Ian and the others try to gather information to escape, but must deal with the mysterious forest creature known as Redfang.

  • Gabe decides to use his hypersuasion to run for vice president, but runs into problems when his power fades away.

  • An unusual book may hold the key to Ian's escape from Tower Prep.

  • A secret society invites Ian and Gabe to join.

  • To gain vital information from the Butter coach, Ian has to agree to play for the team and win.

  • The gang attempts to find out who wrote the message "I'm Scared Too", and discovers an older version of Whisper, Whisper 23. They believe Whisper 23 holds the answers, but when they turn her on she locks the room down and forces them to play a deadly video maze game where the loser is electrocuted. They are saved by a power surge which short-circuits Whisper 23, and it is later revealed that Whisper 119 wrote the message and caused the power surge.

  • Ian is accused of theft and put before a tribunal, and has no choice but to defend himself.

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