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The people of Total Drama Island have come back for a world wide tour. Watch contestants take on extreme challenges and each other to win a big prize. There is a twist to this reality show it is an animated show, so the challenges are more extreme, and the feuds are more dramatic than any other reality show that is on television.

Cartoon Network
2 Seasons, 33 Episodes
June 21, 2010
Animation & Cartoons
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Total Drama World Tour Full Episode Guide

  • Without a plane, the contestants find themselves in a manic road-trip race - all the way to the shores of Hawaii...

  • The Aftermath set - which has been moved to glorious Hawaii! Geoff and the Peanut Gallery are giddy - now this is an Aftermath. Added to the mix are returning losers Duncan, Owen, Courtney and Blaineley, who's wheeled out on a dolly, swaddled in head-to-toe bandages thanks to the most painful elimination landing ever. And finally returning after six long weeks surrounded by Russians and meat is none other than Bridgette! Unfortunately for Geoff,

  • With just four contestants left, the heat is really starting to ratchet up on the battle. Alejandro's choice to bring Cody to first class proves to be brilliant strategy as Cody is desperately grateful for a night away from Sierra's obsession with him and is now willing to do anything to help Alejandro. Although Heather tries to work Sierra, it essentially proves to be fruitless as Sierra is more concerned with saving her marriage to Cody.

  • The Serengeti, Tanzania. Duncan is a happy camper - Courtney is gone! It's sweet relief. Blaineley is gone too, but her effects are still being felt as everyone makes snickering comments about Alejandro and Heather's obvious attraction - something they both vehemently deny. And Chris makes Chef wear a parka and snow pants as punishment for helping Blaineley cheat. Meanwhile, Cody is deliriously weak thanks to the love potion tea Sierra keeps pouring down his throat, so Sierra turns her knapsack into a baby carrier and lugs him around, playing both for herself and for her 'husband.'

  • The next stop on the show's world-wide tour is exotic China, where Chris announces that each individual will be on their own for a race down the top of the Great Wall. Duncan and Alejandro work their strategic faux-friendship - strained by their competitive natures as they race a skateboard and bike at breakneck speed down the wall. Sierra, meanwhile, continues to tell Cody that they are married and he is forced to pursue desperate measures to lose her from the game.

  • The contestants have a rather rude awakening on their return home to Canada - because they are dropped into the rushing waters of the Great Lakes, just meters from the destructive wonder of Niagara Falls! After a daring escape, they are startled to find that Chris is now dissolving the teams. He decides to take the opportunity to pair them up for what may be the most emotionally challenging competition yet, and teams of one boy and one girl must compete in races based on Niagara Falls' historical place as the 'Honeymoon Capital of the World'.

  • A race up a volcano determines the winner of the contest in the season finale.

  • The finalists must get to Hawaii without the benefit of a plane, forcing them on a road-trip race.

  • The four remaining contestants face off in a dinosaur-building contest in the Canadian

  • The final four contestants are on their way to their next destination on Easter Island to compete in a egg hunt theme challenge.

  • The final five arrive in Tanzania for their next challenge: Hunt down an Ezekiel.

  • The top seven go to China for a visit to the Great Wall.

  • The remaining eight contestants are dumped into Niagra Falls for the next challenge.

  • One of five eliminated guests get a chance to rejoin the competition.

  • The two teams stop in Sweden to compete in a boat race for the red flag.

  • The remaining eight contestants travel to Australia, where tension really flares.

  • The two teams search Area 51 for working alien artifacts.

  • Athens, Greece. Courtney is elated to have Duncan back - and Gwen is a bundle of conflicted nerves since she just kissed her kinda-friend Courtney's boyfriend in the confessional! Meanwhile, Owen is missing his little buddy Noah (and worrying that he's next). Tyler's a mess because he's terrible with secrets, and Duncan's watching him like a hawk to make sure he doesn't spill. The challenge: A Total Drama-style Olympics, with multiple events - the team that earns the most gold medals wins.

  • The refueled airplane finally makes it to London - and with DJ gone, only two teams remain! Amazons Gwen and Courtney are amazed to realize how much they have in common - and how pleased they are about it. For the first time in three seasons, they're actually... friend-ish! And Team CIRRRRH's Owen and Noah are bonding over hot peppers and Owen's ability to snort milk out his nose, much to Alejandro's disgusted dismay. Today's challenge is a scavenger hunt for Jack the Ripper, which starts at the Tower of London with a 'changing of the guard' challenge - which involves literally changing a guard! By the time the teams arrive, Alejandro is missing - because the Ripper is hunting them too!

  • The second installment of aftermath includes a fundraiser in order to pay for the plane's fuel.

  • It's an exciting homecoming for Chris, back to his birthplace on the East Coast of Canada and the storied Grand Banks of Newfoundland. Both Heather's team and Alejandro's, though, are preoccupied with creating a valuable alliance with DJ. His status as one-man team has made him the difference-maker. In good fisherman style, the game kicks off with a rowboat race to shore, during which they must catch as many fish as possible. DJ's still trying to lose and get kicked home, but Heather's hunger to beat Alejandro means that she will do anything to keep him in the game, rescuing DJ against his will from both a whale and a Titanic-like collision with an iceberg.

  • The Peruvian jungle. Heather is miserable, still smarting from the Leshawna beat-down and missing a tooth to boot! When Gwen hears they're going to the Amazon River she wonders if that'll be lucky for their team, a statement Sierra immediately condemns as the unluckiest thing you can possibly say on Total Drama! Uh oh. The challenge: follow an ancient trail to Machu Picchu to find a hidden treasure. When the trail forks, Team CIRRRRH and what's left of Team Victory go left, as Team Amazon lags to debate the choice.

  • The German Alps. The teams are dumped into avalanche territory and have to sing softly or risk a 'song-alanche.' But when Lindsay, who for six episodes_4-18 has mistaken Tyler for everyone except Tyler, finally recognizes her old boyfriend, his cry of jubilation starts an avalanche that knocks them all down. When they make it back up the hill, their challenge awaits: grind meat into a giant sausage, then ride the sausage down to the bottom of the hill. Team Amazon yells at Heather for tossing out their electric meat grinder reward - they could have used it here and won for sure!

  • The Aftermath Studio. Geoff co-hosts with Blaineley because Bridgette's in the competition, unlike the Peanut Gallery of disgruntled almost-rans - Trent, Justin, Sadie, Katie, Beth and Eva. Blaineley can't wait to bring Bridgette out since Geoff's girlfriend kissed Alejandro, but Geoff keeps stalling. He and Blaineley tell us about two missing-in-action competitors: Duncan, who vanished after he was eliminated, and Ezekiel, who's been making spooky appearances inside the plane!

  • New York City. Teams must get baby carriages from the Statue of Liberty's crown and race them through Central Park. It's a brutal rope climb up, and a 30 storey fireman's pole back ride down! Next, teams have to drive boats to Central Park... through the New York sewers! If the oppressive stink isn't bad enough, teams also have to make it past a massive angry albino alligator. Once they gratefully emerge in the Central Park Reservoir, Chris gives them their next challenge, and they push a member of their team in the baby carriage as they sing their way to the Park's fabled Turtle Pond.

  • The teams fly to Yukon in Canada and undertake a number of challenges in the freezing cold of the Arctic.

  • The three teams journey to Japan for their next challenge and one cast member is confident as to which team will do the best.

  • The three teams compete in a challenge in Egypt and the first person is voted out.

  • The cast heads to Egypt where they must undergo a dangerous trek involving a pyramid before teams are chosen.

  • Catch up on the latest web episodes_4-18 from Cartoon Network.

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