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First, there was Total Drama Island. Then, the contestants returned for Total Drama Action. Then, came the Total Drama World Tour, but now the series is returning to its original location, Camp Wawanakwa, an undisclosed location near Muskoka, Ontario, for the fourth season of the Total Drama Series. But this time, the island wants revenge.

While the contestants of this Canadian, animated spoof of a reality TV competition, were off making movies and singing their way through a world tour; Chris McLean has been renting out the island as a toxic waste dump and the toxic nuclear waste has mutated the island and its animals into the perfect location for a new group of contestants to compete for $1,000,000.

Chris McLean returns to host this toxic addition of the Total Drama franchise with his minion Chef Hatchet, to torture 13 new contestants through another season. It's radioactive marshmallows, deadly challenges, and toxic rivalries as the campers are put to the test.

Placed into two teams, the Toxic Rats and the Mutant Maggots: Anne Maria from Jersey, the strong but silent B, cadet Brick, bubble-boy Cameron, attention seeking Dakota, hippie Dawn, jockette Jo, athletic Lightning, Multiple Personality Mike, Sam the gamer, scheming Scott, Staci the compulsive liar, and Zoey the alternative girl-next-door, fight for the real prize: being famous! Expect guest appearances from some of the original Total Drama alums and even more surprises that will leave you asking: will Mike and Zoey fall in love, will Zoey find out Mike's secret, will Dakota get her full 15 minutes of fame, will Staci ever say something that's true, and will the island finally have its revenge; find out on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island!

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island was created by Tom McGillis and Jennifer Pertsch, produced by Fresh TV, animated by Elliott Animation, and features the returning voice talents of: Christian Potenza as host Chris McLean, and Clé Bennett as Chef Hatchet.

Tuesday 7:30 PM et/pt on Cartoon Network
1 Season, 13 Episodes
June 4, 2012
Action & Adventure, Animation & Cartoons, Comedy
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Total Drama: Revenge of the Island Full Episode Guide

  • During the first season finale, Lightning and Cameron square off. They will both enter the Chrisiseum, but only one will come out on top and be crowned winner!

  • The competitors head to the Mutant Forest of Terror in search of a rare flower.

  • The final four players compete in a disgusting cooking challenge, due to the host falling into antagonist's trap.

  • The final five players compete on an aerial obstacle course and they are all gunning for each other.

  • The teams merge and ride go-karts to various island locations to draw graffiti.

  • Teams float on rafts far from shore and maneuver to return to land while avoiding a giant mutant squid.

  • The teams search for a golden object for Chris at a mine where radioactive waste is stored.

  • The Rat team is down to the four guys, and Sam feels isolated because of his interests and his lack of macho game. Over in the Maggot camp, things are tense between Zoey and Ann Maria over Mike.

  • The Rats and Jo disagree with Bric. Meanwhile, Zoey is mad at Mike for his weird "characters" and ditching her for Ann Maria. And after the campers' personal items start disappearing, suspicions are running high all over.

  • It's mere moments after the last elimination and things are tense with Team Maggot. Jo is pushing everyone hard to toughen them up, and now that Ann Maria has met "Vito" she keeps flirting with Mike while Zoey looks on with dismay. Team Rat returns from their third elimination ceremony in a row, totally bummed (except for Scott). Sam may be used to losing, but Lightning's never lost anything before! But the most miserable person on the island has to be Dakota, who's just starting her first day on the job as Chris' (unpaid) intern.

  • Jo wants to know how a scrawny dude like Mike can suddenly become a skilled Russian gymnast named Svetlana. Mike tells her he's just an actor doing characters, but in confessional he reveals the truth: Mike has Multiple Personality Disorder! He's keeping it secret because he's afraid it'll scare off Zoey, but his personalities have minds of their own, and they're very difficult to control.

  • The Radioactive Rats and Mutant Maggots are settling in to life on Wawanakwa, and a few unexpected love connections are starting to percolate. Mike and Zoey are excited to discover they have a ton in common, although Zoey doesn't talk in her sleep all night long in different voices like Mike does. (Cameron couldn't sleep with the racket!) And Sam is smitten with Dakota, but she's more interested in talking to the mysterious person she keeps calling on her cellphone. Meanwhile, Scott is determined to 'win by losing' - he intends to help his team lose every challenge possible so he can vote off his competition asap.

  • We're going back to the island where Total Drama began, for an all-new season with an all-new cast! Since Chris took the show worldwide, Camp Wawanakwa has been abandoned and turned into a toxic nuclear waste dump - the perfect place for a new season of painful, cringe-inducing challenges!

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