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Total Drama Action is an action/humor cartoon show that debuted in 2009. The main plot of the show is to see which contestant can survive all the challenges and mishaps that are thrown at them and become the final contender in the season finale. Whichever contestant does survive the challenges receive a million dollars and a lifetime of bragging rights.

This cartoon takes on similar characteristics of an reality television program including the confessional room(which is held in the make up trailer) and serves as an outlet for the contestants to express their true feelings. In Total Drama Action there are two teams comprised of fourteen players all on the hunt for the million dollar prize. The contests have moved to an abandoned movie studio and the challenges reflect popular movie themes.

Within the show the winners would receive small rewards for challenges they completed and the losers would vote off a member of their team. Whoever is voted off would have to take the walk of shame back home. Eventually, the show dwindles down to two contestants who must compete in one last challenge and see who is the best of the best.

Monday 6:30 PM et/pt on Cartoon Network
2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
June 11, 2009
Animation & Cartoons
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Total Drama Action Full Episode Guide

  • It's down to Beth and Duncan, as the competition accelerates into the final episodes_4-18... A pirate-themed challenge finds the two of them racing through a series of ship-board obstacles before being launched out of a canon - and right back to the first set of the season. Duncan's inability to answer trivia questions about his cast mates means he loses opportunities at a time advantage, and he's stuck redoing some of the nastiest challenges of the season - with new, terrible elements added! But Beth's insecurity about deserving to be in the finale is almost more crippling. Luckily, she's paid enough attention to her cast mates' lives that she can beat the trivia and therefore beat the clock too - so she winds up neck and neck in the race with Duncan!

  • Four remaining cast mates embark on this week's animal/buddy flick, forced to bond with creatures of the fur and feather variety. The cast try to train their animal buddies to be just like them, until the animals prove that their intelligence is vastly superior. In the end, it's Beth who is most like her animal. In her defense, raccoons ARE really smart! And that's a good thing, because Chris drops the cast mates off in the middle of the forest, with only the knowledge of their animal buddies to help them find their way back to the film lot.

  • The five remaining cast mates embark on a challenge that's 'out of this world,' in this week's outer space extravaganza.

  • the contestants compete in a Chinese ninja challenge. Courtney is rumored to be voted off.

  • Strap on those air guitars! 'Cause this is the week to rock 'n roll! But first the five remaining cast members learn they are soon to be six, when Chris announces that someone is being brought back to the show.

  • And then there were five... The gloves are off and the magnifying glasses are out, as Chris declares this week the mystery movie challenge.

  • When Chris shows up with a glass combat boot, the contestants know it's time to bust open the conventions of a fairy tale movie. A determined Courtney crams the tiny boot on and is declared the princess as Lindsay, Beth, Harold, Duncan and Justin compete to rescue her. But Justin's got a new incentive. Looking to Courtney to boost his strategic playbook after his 'disfigurement', Justin finds himself suddenly and violently crushing on the Type A princess... First, though, he and the other blindfolded contestants have to make it past Chef, who's playing 'The Terrible Troll' and guarding his perilous 'Bad Breaks Bridge' with some of the worst weapons in fairy tale history.

  • The 2 teams merge and everybody competes in a thriller film.

  • The 8 cast members compete in boxing, badminton, wrestling and trading slam dunks for a sports-movie challenge.

  • The remaining 8 castmembers compete in prehistoric challenges.

  • This week's bank heist challenge starts with the teams having to blow a safe and rescue either Owen or Leshawna from within, along with some bank robbing tools. The Grips, realizing how starving Owen is after finally getting his jaw unwired, get him to break out by piping in some delicious food smells - but his single-minded desire to find something to eat after ages with only shakes may ultimately be a handicap. Meanwhile, the Gaffers are in no hurry to rescue traitor Leshawna, and an over-confident Duncan leads them to the bank to rob it with his homemade tools. Only he freaks when he discovers that his lady-love, Courtney, is the teller! Yes, it's true, she's back in the game after a successful lawsuit against the producers - and her counselor-in-training schtick is going to prove a huge strain when she lands on the Grip team. Opposite Duncan's team...

  • The teams participate in an obstacle course challenge with a few surprises waiting for them along the way.

  • The two teams take part in a challenge inspired by popular horror movies.

  • The two teams take part in a medically themed challenge.

  • The challenge will contain a beach-theme where the teams will be required to surf over a tank of sharks on a mechanical surfboard.

  • Gwen and Trent find themselves competing against each other after being chosen to pick teams for the weekly challenge.

  • Chef tracks the players progress as they search for alien eggs.

  • The first installment of the Total Drama Island finds the cast members participating in a monster movie challenge.

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