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One day the brilliant Professor Utonium used the elements of sugar, spice, and everything nice to create the perfect little girl. It took a fortuitous turn when he spilled Chemical X into the mix. Thus was created a trio of super-powered sweethearts: Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, the Powerpuff Girls. They use their powers to protect Townsville, USA from monsters, malice, and mayhem.

Bubbles is the sugar of the trio: cute and sensitive, but able to immobilize a villain with her supersonic voice. Buttercup is the spice: the toughest fighter who gets dirty and plays rough. And Blossom is everything nice: their self-appointed leader who can freeze an attacker with her super-breath.

Naturally, there are arch-villains. Mojo Jojo is a super-intelligent simian who was once the Professor's lab assistant. Fuzzy Lumpkin is a furry hillbilly bear whose fits of rage endanger Townsville. Him is a devilish apparition bent on setting the girls against one another. Princess Morbucks is a spoiled rich girl whose doting father funds her schemes. And The Rowdyruff Boys are the girls' male counterparts, created by Mojo Jojo from snips, snails, and puppy dog tails.

The Powerpuff Girls is a delightfully unique cartoon series that appeals to youngsters and grownups alike. The girls' heroic adventures are sprinkled liberally with pop-culture references and social commentary, while they deal with the skinned knees, loose teeth, and kindergarten projects familiar to real-world youngsters.

Animator Craig McCracken created the show in his second year of art school. The show debuted on cable television in 1998, and was its network's highest-rated program throughout its original seven-year run.

The show's images and sound are explosive and exciting. Character design is iconic and backgrounds are unadorned. Action scenes are portrayed in the style of superhero comics and Japanese anime, exaggerated without gore. Each episode is a wild ride, but with good-natured humor and moments of warmth among the girls.

Ideal for family viewing, The Powerpuff Girls is kiddie TV fare that engages viewers of all ages. It portrays cute kids that are also strong and accessible entertainment that is intelligent and funny.

Cartoon Network
8 Seasons, 183 Episodes
March 12, 1995
Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: Cathy Cavadini, Tom Kenny, Elizabeth Daily, Tara Strong
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The Powerpuff Girls Full Episode Guide

  • In an effort to make himself "great," Mojo steals the powers that makes the each of the Powerpuff Girls the heroes they are.

  • When an ancient prophecy spells doom for Townsville, the girls must race to stop it.

  • Buttercup is knocked off-kilter by a mysterious force.

  • When a mysterious rain cloud plagues Townsville, Bubbles learns things aren't what they seem.

  • When Morbucks falls in love, she finds the first thing money can't buy.

  • Ms. Keane is nervous about a first date.

  • After being blasted by Duplikate, Blossom turns into a triple threat.

  • After Mojo Jojo's latest creation threatens to blast him into tiny bits, the Powerpuff Girls are forced to take Mojo in.

  • After Bubbles gets blasted with Man Boy's beard ray, she wreaks havoc in the most manly and adorable way possible.

  • When Bubbles isn't her normal, bubbly self, her sisters don't know how to handle it.

  • When Bubbles joins the Derbytantes, Buttercup finds herself on the sidelines.

  • When Mojo kidnaps the girls' favorite snuggle toys, he gets more than he bargained for.

  • The Girls must overcome their supersonic hiccups to stop the Gnat's latest evil plan!.

  • Buttercup joins Jemmica in a quest for adventure, but how far will she go?.

  • When Buttercup gets super lice, her sisters must battle them to save her.

  • With a parasitic alien on the loose in their school, the Powerpuff Girls and Bliss have to find a way to stop it before the big dance.

  • The arrival of a fourth Powerpuff girl throws the other girls in disarray.

  • The arrival of a fourth Powerpuff girl throws the other girls in disarray.

  • The arrival of a fourth Powerpuff girl throws the other girls in disarray.

  • The arrival of a fourth Powerpuff girl throws the other girls in disarray.

  • The arrival of a fourth Powerpuff girl throws the other girls in disarray.

  • When Bubbles is overworked, she uses her coding skills to come up with a new solution.

  • The holidays are Mojo's favorite time..for ruining everything! But this year, he may just learn the reason for the season.

  • When the Mayor's mansion is stalked by a vicious, ghostly monster, he calls the Powerpuff Girls for help.

  • There's a new hero in Townsville! She's fierce. She's fantastic. She' Meet Bliss, the fourth Powerpuff Girl! Where did this long-lost sister come from? What are her amazing powers? And when trouble strikes Townsville, will the power of all four girls be enough to save the day? Find out in this special full-length movie!

  • When Mojo and Barbarus announce their wedding, the girls are convinced that they're up to no good.

  • Blossom's fear of the dentist's drill causes her to avoid it at all costs.

  • After getting sucked into Jared's favorite board game, Buttercup is forced to team-up with him in order to save her sisters.

  • The Girls have to battle Him after he causes Bubbles' imagination to run wild.

  • When a monster ruins their relaxing vacation, the Girls run into a familiar face.

  • While going through the Professor's scrapbook, Bubbles starts to question if she's ever been a hero.

  • When the girls go to camp, Blossom has a hard time leaving her schoolwork at home

  • When Buttercup tests into Honors Math, she tries to avoid being labeled a nerd.

  • Bubbles tries to prove that she's responsible enough to own a dog.

  • The Girls spend the day with the Professor at his boring office, only to find that the office comes with a terrible secret.

  • Feeling inadequate as a superhero, Buttercup bulks up.

  • After Blossom and Buttercup break Schedulebot, they'll do anything to keep the truth from coming out.

  • When the beach is taken over by the most excellent Bro Sharks, will the Girls be gnarly enough to save the day?.

  • Buttercup takes her game winning mini-golf ball, in spite of ominous warnings of dire consequences.

  • When Bubbles gets the lead in the school play, Blossom's jealousy consumes her.

  • Splitsville: The girls learn to appreciate each others's style after having to each fight solo. / Clawdad: While visiting the lake, Buttercup vows to capture a legendary uncatchable crawdad.

  • The girls learn to appreciate each others' styles after having to each fight solo.

  • Green Wing: When volunteering at a retirement home, Buttercup meets an old woman who claims she used to be a superhero. / 15 Minutes of Fame: When Bubbles' video goes viral, she goes to great lengths to maintain her status as a big-time director.

  • Buttercup volunteers at a retirement home and meets an old woman who claims she used to be a superhero.

  • When Donny the Unicorn is hunted by a seemingly unstoppable foe, the Powerpuff Girls have to find a way to save him before it's too late!

  • Blossom forgets her pact to Bubbles when she takes on too many things leaving Buttercup and Bubbles to fend for themselves.

  • When the girls disobey the Professor and swing all the way over the swing set, they must deal with unexpected consequences.

  • After a snow day saves Blossom from having to face a boy who's asked her out, she decides to use her ice breath to keep it going even if that means plunging Townsville into eternal winter complete with monstrous yetis!

  • When Morbucks loses her money, Blossom tries to reform her.

  • After the Professor's latest experiment goes awry, the girls become overprotective.

  • Buttercup gets more than she bargained for when she makes a deal with a cool '80s metalhead to get a sweet new guitar.

  • In order to escape a monster, the girls must tell him a scary story.

  • A rainy day prompts trouble when the Girls attempt to occupy themselves.

  • Halt and Catch Silico: When a series of negative articles about the Powerpuff Girls are posted on the Internet, the girls track them back to Silico. / Secret Swapper of Doom: When the girls get a Paper Fortune Teller that can predict the future if they tell it a secret, they begin to rely on it to predict everything. But when it predicts the Powerpuff Girls will be destroyed, the girls must find a way to stop the future from happening.

  • The Girls receive an ominous fortune from a Paper Fortune Teller that can foresee the unknown in exchange for a secret.

  • When a series of negative articles about the Powerpuff Girls are posted on the Internet, the girls track them back to Silico.

  • When Blossom can't join her favorite school club, she imagines what her life would be like if she joined other clubs.

  • When the Professor's latest invention wreaks havoc in the house, it's up to the Powerpuff Girls to stop it before it escapes.

  • Realizing her and the Professor don't have much in common, Bubbles schedules a road trip with just the two of them.

  • When the girls try a quick-fix on their neglected veggie garden, they are left with a giant, mooching tomato worm they must care for.

  • New clothes surface that brainwash people who wear them.

  • After finding a baby monster in the park, Bubbles insists on adopting it without considering the consequences!

  • When Morbucks enters the Student Body President race, Blossom sinks to her level to secure the win.

  • When Donny the Unicorn visits, Bubbles becomes jealous of his new friend.

  • A snow day saves Blossom from having to face a fellow student named Jared, who's asked her out. After the snow starts melting, Blossom decides to use her ice breath ability to keep the snowstorms going.

  • Blossom and Bubbles are sick, leaving and Buttercup to care for them.

  • When Bubbles gets a bad school photo, it sends her into an existential tailspin of darkness.

  • When the Amoeba Boys wreak havoc on the internet, Bubbles has to hack her sisters in to stop them.

  • A villain gets away because of Buttercup's aggression, so she attempts to be calmer; Townsville's water is stolen and the girls hurry to retrieve it.

  • Once Upon a Townsville: When a dainty princess on a mission comes to Townsville, the girls must learn the superhero way isn't always the right way. / Man Up 2: Still Man-ing: When someone steals all the water in Townsville, it's up to the girls to race through the Townsville Wastelands to get it back.

  • When the coolest girl in school befriends the girls, she charms them into becoming her accomplices in a series of adventurous crimes.

  • When Blossom gets overzealous with the spring cleaning, she accidentally unleashes a group of evil spirits.

  • After the girls feel slighted by the Professor when he gets a new girlfriend, the girls conspire to break them up.

  • Sick of being the tiniest kids at their new school, the girls convince Professor Utonium to create a potion to make them older!

  • Bubbles' excitement over being a contestant in The Townsville Beauty, Talent and All-Around Flair pageant is ruined when Blossom and Buttercup become overbearing stage-sisters.

  • Strong-Armed: When Bubbles breaks her arm and gets a powerful robotic cast, she must learn to stop being timid and embrace her smashy side to defeat the sleazy, sinister Pack Rat! / Power-Up Puff: During a fight, both Buttercup and Bubbles are surprised to discover they've leveled up, leaving Blossom to wonder when or if she'll get new powers too.

  • Bubbles breaks her arm and gets a powerful robotic cast just in time to face the Pack Rat.

  • Buttercup steals Octi to teach Bubbles a lesson but ends up wanting to keep him for herself.

  • Ms. Bellum goes away and the girls help the mayor look for a new assistant.

  • When Buttercup's aggression unintentionally allows villain Man-Boy to escape, she begins a new-age lifestyle in an effort to be more relaxed. But when Man-Boy comes back to enact his revenge, Buttercup must accept the balance between punching and hugging in order to defeat him.

  • Bubbles convinces the Professor to test his new transmogrifying ray on her new friend Donny the Pony in an effort to help him become the unicorn he's always wanted to be. But when Donny turns into a monster, she must stop him destroying Townsville!

  • When a mysterious rainbow causes everyone to become unnaturally happy, the Powerpuff Girls must find where it ends to save the day and return Townsville to normal.

  • After going overboard on the candy, Blossom and Buttercup wake up with no memory of last night and no idea where Bubbles is! They must piece together the events of last night and find Bubbles before the Professor gets back!

  • When Buttercup begins to spend a lot of time with her new friends, a crew of bad-girl skaters called The Derbytantes, it appears The Powerpuff Girls are down to two, which delights Princess Morbucks, who desires to fill the empty spot.

  • After Bubbles wins two tickets to see the girls' most loved music group Sensitive Thugz, Blossom and Buttercup compete for her plus one. But when the Mayor's plane crash lands on Monster Island, the girls have to set aside their differences to save the day!

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