The Othersiders

The Othersiders is a show that can be described as the teen version of Ghost Hunters. The show, featured on the Cartoon Network, follows a group of five teenagers in their quest to find paranormal activity at certain locations rumored to be haunted by ghosts and spirits. The series premiered on June 17, 2009.

In Episode 1, the team embarks on a mission to search for paranormal activity in the Lincoln Heights Jail, located in Los Angeles, California. The jail which has been closed since 1965 is historically known for the gruesome beating of seven prisoners in 1951, which later became known as Bloody Christmas. Since closing its doors, swirling rumors insist it is haunted by prisoners who died while incarcerated at the facility. In season 1, episode 20, the team journeys through the Union Hotel in Flemington, New Jersey. The hotel has a long-standing history of being haunted ghosts and poltergeists. Season 1 consists of a total 24 episodes where the team explores various sites like these and others, including the infamous Alcatraz, the Glendora House, Tropico Gold Mine, Mission Inn, Morey Mansion, and much more.

The show is directed by Casey Brumels, known for directing several other shows geared towards a teen audience. The cast consists of researcher Jackie Zhao, Sam Hirsch, Zack Burke, KC Costonis, and Riley Litman. Each cast member has their own responsibility to the mission. Riley assumes the position of Lead Investigator, and leads the crew through each mission. Zack is given the job of Tech Manager, and is in charge of the equipment used on the missions. Jackie, the researcher on the team, takes an in-depth look at reportedly haunted locations and hands her findings down to Case Manager, KC, who assists with research and then chooses where the next mission will be. Finally Sam, the Webmaster, takes on the responsibility of transferring their findings to the team's official website.

Cartoon Network
1 Season, 23 Episodes
June 17, 2009
Cast: Derek Shetterly
The Othersiders

The Othersiders Full Episode Guide

  • The team explores the infamous prison Alcatraz to investigate reported paranormal activity. Included: a trip to "The Rock," where the most dangerous criminals were held.

  • The group visits a sawmill where several accidents, some deadly, occurred.

  • The team explores a reform school that was home to juvenile delinquents.

  • A courthouse built on the former site of gallows is reportedly haunted by an executed criminal who murdered his girlfriend in the late 1800s.

  • The team visits an Old West saloon reportedly haunted by cowboys, bandits and gamblers who met untimely deaths.

  • The team explores a power plant rumored to be haunted by a scuba diver who died there after being sucked into the plant's water-intake pipe.

  • The team goes to the Santa Anita Racetrack to investigate reports of hauntings by three thoroughbred horses that are buried there.

  • The crew visits an abandoned sugar factory, which was the site of many accidents during its decades of operation.

  • The team visits a Spanish mission built in the 18th century that was the site of a bloody Indian revolt.

  • The crew investigates reports of paranormal activity at a summer camp on Chumash Indian territory.

  • The group explores an abandoned hospital where there have been reports of strange noises and flickering lights.

  • The team heads to California to explore a gold mine which is plagued with rumors of spirits around the area.

  • Zack and the team make plans for their Evergreen Cemetery visit.

  • The crew explore a historic California hotel which is rumored to be haunted by it's former owner.

  • A potentially haunted movie set that has experienced unexplained malfunctions is explored.

  • The team investigates an abandoned marine warehouse used in World War II.Paranormal Evidence: Moving apperation on the wall, elevator opens by itself, sounds of animals including a whistling noise on the sixth floor, Sam heard a dog bark, but KC didn't, sound of cable snapping, figure walking next to elevator. Verdict: Everyone Except KC and Sam thought it wasn't haunted.

  • The famous U.S. military base Fort MacArthur provides the backdrop for this episode of the Othersiders.

  • The team investigates the Morey Mansion.Paranormal Evidence: S.M. initials in the mirror, mirror hot spot making up the S.M., moving orb in billiards room, open door that was locked, railing hot spot, and a fan spinning on its own. Jackie's weird feeling in the billiard roomVerdict: Everyone except Zack thought the place was haunted.

  • The team investigates Mojave Airport Boneyard.Paranormal Evidence: Plane crashing noise, camera falling on its own, picture of an orb, flashing light, cargo door opening and closing on its own, ghostly figure.Verdict: Everyone, except KC thought this place wasn't haunted.

  • The crew examines the RMS Queen Mary, a now-retired ocean liner in Long Beach, California, believed to be haunted.

  • The crew heads to investigate the Lincoln Heights Jail, which is believed to be haunted by the ghosts of the tortured inmates who resided there.

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