The Hollow Men

Hollow Men is a comedy sketch series that usually features twelve segments per episode, ranging from all out zaniness to droll, subtle humor, and sometimes a bit of well played raunchiness. The comedy is whip quick and inspired. Comedy lovers will enjoy this series.

Thursdays at 10:30 pm etp/pt on Comedy Central
1 Season, 6 Episodes
March 10, 2005
Talk & Interview
Cast: David Armand, Rupert Russell, Sam Spedding, Nick Tanner
The Hollow Men

The Hollow Men Full Episode Guide

  • Sketches include "Office Bets," "Up the Ass," "Dance #319: Man at a Wedding," "Stalker Song," "Office Hunt," "Up the Ass: Commercial," "Russian Interpreter," "Dance #12: Inappropriate Confidence," "Office Ritual," "Taste Test," "King of Spain," "Dance #932: Bullet in the Shoulder," and "Treating Marlon Brando Impersonators."

  • Sketches include "Frat Boys," "Monkey Spunk," "Frozen (1)," "Card Game Thoughts," "Frozen (2)," "Know-It-All," "Baby Returns," "Beer and Women," "Frozen (3)," "Gay Pork," "Private Dancer," and "Everyone's a Lawyer."

  • Sketches include "Casual Friday," "Antique Appraisals: Old Woman," "Naughty Magazines," "Moon Walk," "Antique Appraisals: Woman in Bikini," "High School Reunion," "Men Cooking," "Interrogation," "Scientific Discoveries," "Canned Surprise," and "Shoe Shop."

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