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The exploits of the orange cat Garfield have entertained millions since he first appeared in comic strips. In the meantime, he has been the star of several television specials, the series Garfield and Friends and the movie starring Bill Murray. His latest cartoon adaptation is The Garfield Show, in which he is played by famed voice actor Frank Welker.

The series is French in origin, but it airs on the Cartoon Network with American voice actors. As in the comic strip, it focuses on the everyday life of Garfield, which includes his hapless owner Jon Arbuckle (Wally Wingert), enthusiastic dog Odie (Gregg Berger) and, to a lesser extent, veterinarian Dr. Liz Wilson (Julie Payne). Other characters include annoying cat Nermal and Garfield's girlfriend Arlene.

Notable traits of Garfield's include his laziness, his tendency toward sarcasm and his insatiable hunger, particularly for lasagna. Many of the episodes merely take place around the house as Garfield gets himself into various mishaps and then attempts to get out of them. Odie, who is friendly and loyal but not too bright, sometimes is a help and sometimes a hindrance in this matter.

The Garfield Show is animated in CGI and has a different look to it than Garfield and Friends, though the characters are still easily recognizable. A few other characters from that series turn up in this one, and some of the voice actors are the same. However, this generally focuses on a more narrow range of characters. Additionally, as the show goes on, Garfield gets into the habit of directing addressing the audience and those running the show, adding an interesting meta dimension to the series. For those who enjoy this chubby orange cat and have wanted to see more of him, this show offers a good opportunity.

Cartoon Network
3 Seasons, 61 Episodes
October 26, 2009
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Frank Welker, Wally Wingert, Gregg Berger
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The Garfield Show Full Episode Guide

  • Garfield decides to fire all the other characters.

  • Mrs. Cauldron's niece wants to marry Jon.

  • Jon tries to help his brother Doc Boy find a companion.

  • Garfield answers fan mail sent in asking about pets.

  • Nermal becomes a supervillain to get revenge on Garfield's Caped Avenger routine.

  • There's something very strange going on with the weather in town. When it starts to rain sandwiches after a massive heatwave, Jon Odie and Garfield, as well as the twins, follow what seems to be the source of the bizarre weather: a single cloud. It leads them to something and someone they could never have imagined.

  • "Rain or Shine" - Paddy the leprechaun has brought the rain with him and ruined Jon and Liz's trip to the beach. Garfield and Odie think they're saved from the clutches of Aunt Ivy, but Jon and Liz choose to follow the sun, wherever it may be. / "The Mole Express" - When a mole's tunnel collapses Jon's yard, Garfield's friends the strays are caught by dogcatchers and taken to the pound, and squirrels come to Garfield for help with their own tunnels, Garfield comes up with a master plan that just might solve everyone's problems.

  • "Stealing Home" - Bruno, an alley cat, is sick and tired of watching Garfield get waited on hand and foot while he has to live in a trash can. And so he decides to make Garfield's home his own. / "Full of Beans" - When Odie swallows a Mexican jumping bean, he becomes a doggy bouncing ball and takes Garfield for a wild ride all over the town.

  • "Me, Garfield, and I" - Things soon get out of hand when Garfield gets his paws on Dr. Bonkers cloning ray. / "Detective Odie" - Jon is taken by the police when he is wrongly accused of stealing Mrs. Shmidlap's bracelet. It's up to Odie to find out what really happened.

  • "Jumbo Shrimpy" - Shrimpy the elephant is being mistreated by Dr. Whipple. When he escapes, it's up to Garfield to help him stay hidden. / "Pirate Gold" - Captain Garfield's ship is under attack by a group of rival pirates, Rottweiller, Hercules and Wilfred, who are after his treasure.

  • "A Gripping Tale" - Garfield and Odie have their own undersea adventure when a giant squid takes Odie and starts wreaking havoc in the city sewers. / "Wicked Wishes" - When Jon unleashes a trickster genie in a bottle, he gets the tables turned on him and must grant the genie his three wishes lest he be turned into a frog.

  • "Land of Hold" - What if every person in the world were just waiting for their call to be taken, their life always on hold? Garfield is about to find out. / "Penny Henny" - It's the tale of Penny Henny, revisited, as Jon tells the story of the chicken who believed the sky was falling all because of one orange cat.

  • "Honey I Shrunk the Pets" - Garfield is the unwilling guinea pig for his young neighbor's newest invention: a size altering ray. / "Garfield Astray" - When Nermal's revenge on Garfield goes wrong, Garfield finds himself roaring the streets with no memory of who he is.

  • "The Bluebird of Happiness" - Garfield must save a lost baby bluebird from finding a new home: Harry's stomach! / "Inside Eddie Gourmand" - What's eating Eddie Gourmand? That's what Garfield is about to find out thanks to a new invention that allows him to get inside his brain.

  • "Planet of Poultry" - When the owner of an outer space fast food chain plans to turn all the inhabitants of Earth into chickens, Garfield becomes our unlikely hero. / "With Four You Get Pizza" - What starts out as a romantic night at Vito's for Jon and Liz could end up in a marriage with children, all thanks to Garfield's stomach.

  • It's Christmas in Jon Arbuckle's home, a time for eating and presents according to Garfield. Little does he know he's about to learn about the true spirit of Christmas.

  • "Cyber Mailman" - It would be fantastic to get tomorrow's newspaper today, wouldn't it? Jon could play all the winning numbers in the lottery and then Garfield could eat tons of pizza, unless... / "Odie For Sale" - Odie is accidentally sold to Mr. Allwork, an awful lawyer who wants to sue Jon, and Garfield must find a way to get him back or never be fed again!

  • "The Haunted House" - Ah! A pizza dinner in a countryside cottage, doesn't that sound nice? Yep, except when the house is haunted. / "Which Witch" - Bad news: Jon's nieces are coming over! The ones who love to dress Garfield up? You got it.

  • "The Spy Who Fed Me" - Garfield, from now on, you're on a diet! Don't argue, it's for your own good! / "Meet Max Mouse" - In your opinion, who should you call to rid a house of mice? An exterminator, or Garfield?

  • "Blasteroid" - Garfield has always said he would go to the ends of the earth to eat lasagna. And that's exactly what he's going to do! / "The Big Sneeze" - Jon has become allergic to Garfield. But what if the only solution is to get rid of him?

  • "The Art of Being Uncute" - How can Garfield make the cutest cat in the country look ugly? It won't be easy, but our orange friend is VERY motivated... / "Night of the Bunny Slippers" - How can Garfield get rid of Aunt Ivy, who hates animals? Garfield has an idea.

  • "Ticket to Riches" - Jon wins the lottery, but is unable to find his ticket. / "Gravity of the Situation" - An alien from a planet with no gravity lands on earth to recharge his ship. While in Jon's house he cancels out gravity, causing household object to float around the house.

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