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In this true crime series, homicide detectives work to solve crimes. The investigation happens under tight time constraints, as investigators try to make substantial progress toward finding a suspect in the crucial two days after the crime is committed.

Thursday 8:00 PM et/pt on A&E
17 Seasons, 401 Episodes
June 3, 2004
Cast: Dion Graham
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  • In 2008, an intruder savagely attacks a family in their Memphis home, leaving bloody clues that partners Tony Mullins and Caroline Mason must piece together in pursuit of the killer.

  • In Minneapolis, surveillance cameras at a convenience store capture more than just a shooting. When a dead body is found days after the murder, Minneapolis Homicide must scramble to catch up to the killer. Minneapolis detectives need the help of the Somali community to help solve the murder of one of their own. The life of a 19-year old woman hangs in the balance after walking in on an intruder in her home.

  • In New Orleans, when a man is robbed and shot multiple times on his payday, Detective Rob Barrere has a hunch this isn’t just a random robbery gone wrong. In New Orleans, when an eyewitness points out a potential suspect at the crime scene, Detective Nick Williams must determine if they have the right guy. When a man is found shot dead in his car, St. Louis detectives hope a local prostitute can point them in the direction of the shooter. In KCK, a feud between neighbors gets out of control and leaves a father of 5 shot in the head on his doorstep.

  • In Mobile, when a 90-year-old war hero is shot in the back, detectives discover his former neighbor may hold the key to what went down. In Tulsa, a young man’s future is cut short when a plan to make a quick buck goes horribly wrong.

  • In Atlanta, when a young man is shot from 235 feet away, Detective Darrin Smith discovers an escalating feud that threatens to tear apart a neighborhood.

  • In Tulsa, a man from out of town is found dead in his motel room and Detective Michael Zenoni must wade through a web of secrets and lies to uncover the truth.

  • A parking lot drug deal turns into a shootout that claims the lives of two Atlanta men; an execution outside a Tulsa, Okla., motel escalates into a double murder when the killer spots a witness to the crime.

  • Gunmen open fire on a porch, shooting four children and three adults; a police detective turns to the New Orleans community for help in solving the case.

  • In Tulsa, a man shot and killed when a stranger sees an opportunity to good to pass up. In Atlanta, an escalating argument ends with one man dead and the other in danger.

  • When a man is murdered just before Christmas, his family helps Tulsa, Okla., detectives search for his killers.

  • A woman is beaten and stabbed to death in her home in an act of vengeance; a Kansas City man is unable to get out of a dangerous business.

  • A father gone missing turns up dead when his plans to evict a tenant ignite a murderous rage.

  • In Tulsa, Detective Leatherman tracks a sadistic killer who murdered the brother of a man who stole his truck.

  • A quick-money scam in Mobile, Ala., ends in a double murder; a rookie homicide detective takes the case personally.

  • In Atlanta, a decorated veteran and grandfather is ambushed when he checks on a rental property.

  • In an enhanced episode, Dallas detectives investigate the murder of an unidentified woman who was shot to death, and they have only a few clues, including a cell phone found at the scene.

  • When a homeless man is gunned down on the sidewalk, Mobile detectives discover a petty motive.

  • In Tulsa, a vicious hammer attack leaves two young men clinging to life. Detectives race to catch the suspect before he strikes again. In Atlanta, detectives discover a selfless act performed by their victim led to his murder.

  • A suburban teen is killed in a robbery gone bad, prompting a Minneapolis police detective to determine which of the victim's friends may have double-crossed him.

  • Detectives uncover a vengeful motive while investigating a shootout in an Atlanta rap studio that left two men dead.

  • A Tulsa, Okla., man gunned down in broad daylight; a New Orleans man shot eight times in his own home after a text message lands in the hands of a killer.

  • An innocent man is killed during a night out. When solid leads hit dead ends, detectives discover a surprising motive.

  • Atlanta detectives investigate when a young Atlanta man is shot and left to de in the bushes.

  • A Tulsa, Okla., woman sets out on the run following the homicide of her boyfriend; an Army veteran shot down after aiding a homeless guy in Atlanta.

  • When a man is gunned down protecting his wife, police detectives hope his ex-wife can reveal who may have wanted him killed.

  • New Orleans detective Rayell Johnson investigates the shooting death of an elderly man found outside his home, while Atlanta Detective Kevin Leonpacher must find the young man and woman caught on a store camera committing a murder in broad daylight.

  • Police investigate the fatal shooting of a young social activist after an argument at a Tulsa, Okla., bar.

  • Atlanta detectives investigate the death of an elderly woman who got caught in the middle of a turf war.

  • Minneapolis police investigate the execution of a Somali girl and discover a secret relationship; a shooter kills a beloved son at a house party in Tulsa, Okla.

  • Detectives in New Orleans investigate the stabbing of a criminal. A Minnesota woman is murdered following an argument amongst friends.

  • Detectives investigate the shooting death of a young man from Tulsa., Okla.

  • Detectives investigate a brazen murder in front of an Atlanta elementary school.

  • After a young woman has a deadly premonition, the New Orleans homicide team learns her killer may have killed before.

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