The Apprentice

The Apprentice is a reality television show broadcast on NBC and hosted by Donald Trump. On the show, Trump, a world-renowned real estate magnate, businessman, and multi-billionaire oversees a competition between up to 18 business people that strive to be the next winner of a $250,000 business starting contract for one of Trump's companies. Like most reality shows, The Apprentice is based on weekly eliminations to narrow down the pool of competitors to the most promising finalists. At the end of each episode, the eliminated contestant will be sent home with Trump's final words, "You're Fired."

Each season of The Apprentice features a group of competitive contestants from different business backgrounds and areas of expertise, including marketing, real estate, accounting, and consulting. Upon arrival, the contestants will share space and build relationships with other competitors at a communal penthouse provided by Trump. In the first week, the candidates are divided into separate teams that face challenges together and compete against each other. Each team selects a project manager for the week's task to be completed satisfactorily. The team that wins the weekly challenge is rewarded and the losing team will face elimination in a two stage board room meeting.

During eliminations, it is up to the project manager to choose those team members that he believes to be the most detrimental to the team's integrity and cohesiveness. This is stage one of the elimination process. In step two, the project manager along with the selected candidates will partake in a second board meeting, in which Trump then decides which of the candidates will leave the show. Sometimes unforeseen twists in the show will bring about the elimination of multiple players who are not expected to deliver satisfactory performance in the future or cause candidates to resign prematurely.

After all except the final three or four candidates have been eliminated, company executives come in to conduct interviews with the remaining contestants and assess their competencies. Trump will then proceed to eliminate other candidates to bring the remaining total down to the final two, who will perform a series of tasks with the help of support teams comprised of former candidates to prove that they are the best match for Trump's company in question. The winner is then selected in a final boardroom meeting, where testimonials from other candidates are weighed in and both remaining candidates are able to make a final case to the company's CEO. The winner automatically becomes the season's Apprentice.

7 Seasons, 107 Episodes
January 8, 2004
Cast: Alan Sugar, Mark Halliley, Nick Hewer, Karren Brady
The Apprentice

The Apprentice Full Episode Guide

  • In Part 1 of the season finale, the final three face Mr. Trump in the boardroom to plead their cases. The axe falls on one, and the next day, the two remaining candidates are tasked with their final - and toughest - challenge. One finalist will run a VIP golf tournament featuring Kathy Griffin, and the other will manage a Liza Minnelli concert and tournament dinner. Previously-fired candidates return to help, but one is called away, leaving a finalist short-handed. A caterer drops out, a photographer ends up in the wrong state, and a major printing error all threaten to ruin the finalists' chances of becoming The Apprentice.

  • The teams are tasked with producing a fashion show to launch Rockport's Spring line of shoes. One team makes the risky decision to clothe their models only in shoes and underwear for their finale. The other team faces a crisis with an under-prepared emcee. In the most explosive boardroom yet, Mr. Trump rakes the losing team over the coals before lowering the boom with the fateful words, "You're Fired.".

  • Sixteen candidates, all affected by the economic crisis, arrive in New York City for a 13-week job interview with Donald Trump. Trump divides them into teams and tasks them with creating a modern workspace. A fight breaks out on one team, and on the other side, the leadership abilities of the Project Manager are called into question. During the presentation, an office hazard leads to an accident, putting one team's fate in jeopardy. In the end, one team pulls out a win, and a candidate on the losing side becomes the first to hear Trump's fateful words: "You're Fired!".

  • The Los Angeles season of "The Apprentice" comes to a close, and only the final candidates are left to compete for the coveted title of "The Apprentice" and the career opportunity of a lifetime working for the legendary business tycoon. In this must-see finale live from the Hollywood Bowl, Donald Trump chooses his next "Apprentice.".

  • It's down to the final four! The world's toughest job interview enters the home stretch with a monster task. The candidates must choose employees to help them write and direct a "mini-movie." One team struggles with a perfectionist, while the other clashes over creative differences.

  • The titans-in-training create a newspaper supplement for the Los Angeles Times to advertise a new way to keep breath fresh. One team uses a sexier approach, while the other trusts science. Back at the mansion, a tough choice must be made: love or loyalty?.

  • Trump rocks the boat when he forces one team to send a member to the other. As a result, the task becomes an all out war as the candidates scramble to sell tickets to world famous theme park Universal Studios Hollywood. The winners take to the skies above Los Angeles, while the losers turn on each other in the boardroom.

  • The candidates write and direct an internet soap opera webisode surrounding a popular cleaning product. One team deals with an on-set romance, while the other airs their dirty laundry. The winners get a private meeting with California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and hear about his road to success, while the losers get their bubble burst in the boardroom.

  • The candidates put on a half-time show at a pro-soccer match. One project manager loses the respect of the team while the other cries foul on a troublesome teammate. The winners hit the links with The Donald and the losers meet up with the boss later in the boardroom.

  • "Life in the Luxury Lane" WINNING TEAM RAPS WITH SNOOP DOGG The junior tycoons put on a VIP event for a high-end luxury car. One team must compensate for a distracted project manager and budding romance while the other team attempts to redefine luxury. The winners spend an evening rapping with hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg, and the losers get blind-sided by an unexpected firing.

  • The thirteen remaining candidates put on a promotional event for a major travel website. When the task is over, two contestants spark a love connection in the pool.

  • The candidates get a taste of the agriculture business as they harvest honey and face off with swarms of bees. One team flies blind without their leader, and the other is stung by sagging honey sales. The winners play hoops with Los Angeles basketball legends like Kareem Abdul Jabaar, James Worthy and Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson, while the losers deal with Trump in the boardroom.

  • The candidates create and sell a new product for a national chicken restaurant. One team bets the farm on a risky strategy while the other struggles with a teammate who has flown the coop. The winners are serenaded by singing sensation Andrea Bocelli, and the losers are grilled in the boardroom.

  • Last week's losers do battle against each other as the winners get a week of rest and relaxation. The moguls-in-training devise a new twist on the Hollywood sightseeing tour, and the tours themselves are the strangest sights of all. The winners get bragging rights; the losers see a teammate go in a shocking finish.

  • The candidates dive into the world of swimsuit design, creating new lines for a beach fashion show. One team struggles with a runaway designer while the other argues over the finer points of a bikini. The winners enjoy the playboy lifestyle with special guest Hugh Hefner while the losers face Donald in the boardroom.

  • Shocking new twists and turns - and a cross-country move to Los Angeles - shake up the sixth season premiere of "The Apprentice" when Donald Trump invites 18 talented candidates to Los Angeles and makes some dramatic changes to the world's toughest job interview. Winning project managers get powerful perks and losers have far more to fear than the just the boardroom. The new "Apprentice" cast - which includes an Olympic Gold medalist, an internet entrepreneur and a construction firm owner -- will have to navigate the new twists and turns while vying for the coveted title of "The Apprentice" and the career opportunity of a lifetime working for the legendary business tycoon.

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