That's My Bush!

That's My Bush is a comedic television series that satirizes the life of President George W. Bush. The series shows what life is like behind the scenes in the White House, including George's relationship with his wife Laura and political right hand man, Karl Rove.

Each episode of the series deals with a current political topic in the format of a sitcom. President Bush has to deal with the issue of abortion and the controversies surrounding that. He has also to learn to balance his responsibilities as the President with his duties as a husband and father. He can't be in two places at once and many times he is forced to choose between his two duties.

In other episodes, the President is portrayed as somewhat of a bumbler who makes mistakes and causes international incidents while trying to do simple things. One night, he is trying to fix a cable connection and ends up launching a missile. Other time, he is trying to impress some old friends of his and the only way he can is by having someone executed.

Laura also deals with stresses and dramas from her life in the White House. She desperately wants to impress her mother-in-law former first lady Barbara Bush. Laura organizes an elaborate ceremony to celebrate the Administration's War on Drugs and she invites Barbara to attend. The ceremony is a disaster when the President accidentally gets high and ruins the occasion. She also tries to set up one her girlfriends on a blind date with Karl. That plan backfires as well when it is revealed that Karl is married.

Through it all, the President and Laura deal with the stresses of being in the White House. There are elections to worry about and constant protests outside their door. In the end, the President ends up getting impeached and loses his job to his Vice President, Dick Cheney.

Wednesdays at 10:30 pm et/pt on Comedy Central
1 Season, 8 Episodes
April 4, 2001
Cast: Timothy Bottoms, Carrie Quinn Dolin, Kurt Fuller, Marcia Wallace
That's My Bush!

That's My Bush! Full Episode Guide

  • After losing the Middle East peace treaty, the Vice President, Dick Cheney tells George that he should step down from office before the Senate impeaches him. He accepts and moves out with Laura, but has trouble finding a steady job because he keeps getting fired. Fortunately, he find success wrestling as 'The Mysterious Loser'.

  • As protesters gather outside the White House in response to oil drilling in Alaska, Laura sets Karl up on a date with her friend. After Karl falls in love with his new love interest, he admits to having a wife and daughter that he no longer cares for. He also has no interest in his job, making George's life a nightmare, especially when he needs to deliver a speech to the protesters.

  • The 100,000,000th drug offender is caught and then brought to the White House. They plan an event to have Laura and George's Mom make the arrest, live on TV. Laura plans and prepares the event, but George's Mom keeps interfering with them. After confronting his mother about letting Laura plan the event, George mistakes the Ecstasy pills they took from the drug offender as aspirin, and the live ceremony is only a few hours away.

  • The White House residents celebrate the twenty-fourth birthday of George and Laura's pet cat, Pun'kin. Unfortunately the cat is very sick and George decides to have it put to sleep. At the same time, Laura begins to think there is something wrong with her because she and George no longer make love. This leads to a misunderstanding as to which pussy needs to go.

  • George is having trouble getting his TV company to install cable in the White House, so his neighbor Karl offers to wire the cable box for him. While hooking the cable up, Karl connects the wrong wires and causes a temporary power outage. This makes the new S.D.I. layer system installed in the Oval Office fire at Austria, who quickly retaliates.

  • Upon seeing how high his phone bill is, George questions his wife, Laura, to see who she's been calling. Turns out she's hooked on tarot card readings, and George quickly becomes addicted too. Their psychic draws a death card and George begins to fear he is under attack, so he bans all guns in America. An angry mob forms at the White House and George gets a visit from Charlton Heston.

  • Having made a promise to his frat buddies in college that if he ever became President they could move in to the White House, George quickly has to tell them to leave. They ask for one more night of partying with him, but he has to attend a highly publicized execution, so George has Karl hire an improv-group to act out a fake execution.

  • George has a very important dinner for the abortion summit meeting with both the pro life and pro choice leaders being present. Unfortunately it happens to be the same night he made dinner plans with his wife, Laura. George's attempts to persuade Laura to move the date fail and he's forced to hold both meetings, simultaneously, without letting Laura find out.

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