Street Football

Instead of following every rule in the FIFA World Cup, Street Football features a more casual gaming experience that is akin to playing with competitive family and friends. Rich 3D graphics and a smooth gaming experience help bring Street Football to life. In the game, players helm teams up to six different players. The goal is to kick the soccer ball into an opposing team's goal as many times as possible. During the game, players can take control of both the goalie, shooters, and defenders. The game is available on multiple app platforms.

Cartoon Network
3 Seasons, 78 Episodes
August 12, 2018
Animation & Cartoons
Street Football

Street Football Full Episode Guide

  • When Tag flies to Argentina with his dad, the team is left with no captain. Then, Brains gets injured, and one of the twins is picked for a pro team.

  • The Rifflers find it very suspicious that they can't get any information about the Dolphins. Meanwhile, Victoire is scheming her next dirty trick.

  • When a small traveling fair arrives and sets up in Port Marie, the kids are disturbed when a fortuneteller predicts a gloomy future for their team.

  • While Fédé is distracted by a malicious administrative inspector, Fédé's former teammate Jacky discreetly tries to turn the kids against him.

  • When provisions start disappearing and strange noises emerge in the night, the kids start wondering if the freighter is haunted by its former captain.

  • In Tunis, Nico and Fédé are struck to see football played on every street. Nico challenges Fédé to put together a team that can beat his own.

  • Fédé takes the kids on a cruise so they can rest for the final stages of the World Cup. But the kids are planning a birthday surprise for him.

  • The Pharaohs' girl goalkeeper seems to posses a strange power for destabilizing the opposition strikers. And there goes Tek, falling in love with her.

  • Eloise learns she has to leave Port Marie, and the news shocks the team. Everyone suddenly realizes they'll all be parting ways at the end of summer.

  • Sam and Eloise befriend Atsuko, a girl player from the Mangas. But soon, Eloise feels she's being excluded from the closeness between Sam and Atsuko.

  • As the team bickers yet again, Fédé assigns Brains and Lil' Dragon the task of drawing up the definitive rules of street football.

  • Victoire sets up an Eloise fan club. Celebrity status soon becomes a handicap for Eloise, who can't play a match without an attendant horde of fans.

  • A mayoral candidate is accusing the Street Football World Cup of disturbing public order. Meanwhile, Jeremy is saving to buy a present for Samira.

  • Tag is convinced that the Iroquois have cheated, but everybody thinks he's just being a sore loser and no one will support his attempts to find proof.

  • As the Rifflers try to learn more about Farah, the captain of the formidable Malaysian Tigers, they make a startling discovery about her identity.

  • After overhearing about Eloise's parents planning to take her overseas, Victoire plans a kidnapping to end the Rifflers' World Cup dreams.

  • Increasingly exasperated by Jeremy's childish behavior, Samira meets Matt, a handsome young guy whose independence proves to be very attractive.

  • Tag is injured and Jeremy has to take over as captain of the Rifflers. Yet the responsibility puts him under such pressure that he becomes unbearable.

  • Port Marie citizens are increasingly complaining of damage caused by the street football teams. Shark warns the players, but they protest.

  • The Rifflers have lost their spirit, so they call a coach to get them back on track. But they're having trouble accepting the new coach's approach.

  • A reality television show wants to follow the World Cup. After the Bronx Devils are featured, soon every other team wants to be filmed 24-7, too.

  • Ben returns to Port Marie, but is it because of homesickness or something more calculated? Meanwhile, someone is playing dirty tricks on the Rifflers.

  • The Rifflers are accusing Brains of missing too much training practice because he's spending all his time with one of the girls on the Saï Saï team.

  • The Rifflers are up against a Russian team: a group of circus kids whose strongest player turns out to be a little monkey.

  • Tek is fed up with being mistaken for his twin brother. He tries everything he can to be different, which ends up damaging the Blues' ability to play.

  • The Rifflers are qualified to play for the World Cup, but their first game is against the Dolphins, who seem to be tougher than a bunch of teenagers.

  • The results of the qualifications for the World Cup arrive from the four corners of the world with the name of the first qualifiers.

  • The second World Cup Street Football qualifications move along fine -- until two thieves decide to seize the opportunity to make their mark.

  • The Blues have a match planned, but when Jeremy hears that his favorite rap group will perform in Maryport, he nixes the match.

  • A friendly match is set up between the Blues and Victoria's team, the Black Devils, to raise money for a charitable organization.

  • The Blues are confronted by a group of wild fans called Total Blues, whose behavior could compromise the Blues' participation in the Second World Cup.

  • Eloise must spend time with her parents' friends' son, the pretentious Thibault, who ends up falling in love with Eloise.

  • Twenty-four minutes of play remain for the Blues vs. the Tokyo Samurai when Jeremy gives the ball a high-powered kick and it explodes.

  • Even if Zanghezino is relieved that his father's health problems are under control, he still needs to work to help his family.

  • The Blues get a message from Zanghezino, who announces that he can no longer compete in the Latin American final qualifications.

  • Jeremy, who brags that he knows martial arts, tries to make up for his weaknesses with a master of kung fu.

  • Victoria promises to take revenge on the Blues -- and on Eloise in particular.

  • The Blues are invited by Fede to Greenland to train a team who needs to play in the qualifications for the Far North.

  • During their matches, Tag and Jeremy each hog the ball for themselves in order to score the maximum number of goals.

  • As the Blues prepare for an important qualifying match, Gabe, under the influence of Marie, starts to drift away from football.

  • The Wildcats have set up camp near Maryport. They decide to make a name for themselves in street football by challenging the Blues.

  • To improve their agility and their technique, the coach of the Teknos organizes a little street football tournament with the Blues.

  • One day, Jeremy discovers, completely by chance, an adoption file in the principal's office that reveals the identity of Tag's father.

  • The Blues finally arrive in Dakar, and Fede is there to welcome them along with the Sai-Sai, the best team in all of Senegal.

  • The Blues have an idea: go to Senegal with Gabe to help the less fortunate and attend the next street football World Cup qualifying finals.

  • Just because they're girls, Samira and her friend Manuela are ruthlessly kicked out of the indoor football tournament organized in their projects.

  • The Blues watch the Tigers playing against their future opponents, the Desperados -- a match that counts as a qualifier for the World Cup.

  • The Blues, who watch a tournament in the projects of Maryport, are introduced to Stephen, a boy in a wheelchair who throws down a challenge to them.

  • Jeremy is contacted by his ex-teammates the Skyrunners, champions of urban ball, who want him to come back and join their team.

  • The TekNo brothers quit the Riffler Institute to join the city's professional club. The Blues aren't sure they want to continue playing without them.

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