Squirrel Boy

Andy Johnson is a peculiar boy who has a pet squirrel named Rodney, a perpetual plotter who has a particular love of get rich quick schemes. The two of them often find themselves in strange adventures, some of which involve going head to head with Andy's antagonistic classmate Kyle and his pet parrot Salty Mike. They also have friends who sometimes share in their adventures. Andy's dad is a gloomy guy who has a very negative outlook on the world, and he does not like the idea of his son hanging around with a squirrel, but Andy's mom is happy-go-lucky.

Comedy Central
2 Seasons, 25 Episodes
May 29, 2006
Cast: Richard Steven Horvitz, Pamela Adlon, Kurtwood Smith, Nancy Sullivan
Squirrel Boy

Squirrel Boy Full Episode Guide

  • Grandpa Squirrel tells a story about a mysterious gumfighter who saved a Wild West town from a rotten sheriff; mistaken identities leave Leon hunted by Stan the exterminator, and Stan hunted by the gang.

  • Leon decides to become a pet and chooses Oscar as his owner and Rodney as his pet-mentor; Archie plans a prank for Rodney and enlists Salty Mike's help.

  • Darlene inadvertently causes trouble in Andy and Rodney's friendship; Andy tricks Rodney into being more selfless but soon regrets it when Rodney has less time for him.

  • Rodney goes into the blame-for-hire business, but encounters trouble while working with Kyle and Salty Mike; Puggo goes to the mall with Andy and Rodney after sneaking away from the set.

  • Rodney and Andy overhear their neighbors' secrets after sneaking onto Sludgy Dave's ice cream truck; the Crazy Dog's brother, Murray, may be hiding something.

  • Rodney kills Mr. J's prized flowers the night before a big flower show; Andy prints his own newspaper.

  • Andy and Salty Mike hang out together, and Rodney and Kyle are jealous; Andy takes a test for crossing guard.

  • A treehouse-building competition gets a little wild; Salty Mike is sold.

  • On the first half of the episode, Andy and Rodney lose Mr. J's prized bowling in a neighbor's yard. Later in the second half of the episode, Andy takes Mr. J's lessons in thriftiness too seriously.

  • Andy gets tired of losing at a complicated game, until Rodney actually lets him win.

  • Cousin Eddie returns, and tries to make amends with Rodney.

  • After getting blamed for destruction done by Kyle and Salty Mike to Mrs. Flatbottom's house, Andy and Rodney have to do chores around her home. When Andy and Rodney realize that Mrs. Johnson has lemonade as a reward, they work harder and harder, but Kyle and Salty Mike want the lemonade too.

  • Grandpa Squirrel tells an ancestral, erratic space adventure story to help Andy and Rodney escape a dangerous dare.

  • Rodney forgets Andy's birthday, so he rushes to make it right, when he should have planned ahead.

  • Rodney and Andy find a map to buried treasure, but together, they must team up with Kyle and Salty Mike to dig it up from Mr. Johnson's new lawn.

  • Rodney's flying squirrel cousin, Eddie, ruins his special time with Rodney's crush, Darlene.

  • Andy tries to bring Rodney and Mr. Johnson closer together through the art of karaoke.

  • Andy and Kyle are locked together in the girls' bathroom and try to hide from the girls. Meanwhile, an accident leaves Rodney on a deserted island in the middle of the highway alongside Salty Mike.

  • Andy and Rodney want to stay up all night to watch a celestial event called the Yellow Flash.

  • After a fight, Andy and Rodney set up applications for new best friends.

  • Rodney must survive in the wild with the help of his buddy, Leon, after the house explodes.

  • Rodney spends Andy's money and must get a job to get back a ceramic angry clown figure for Mr. Johnson's collection.

  • While Andy is scouting with the Badger Scouts, he and Rodney meet their rivals, Kyle Finkster and his parrot, Salty Mike.

  • A Line In The Sandwich: Andy and Rodney open up a sandwich stand with Andy's secret sauce.Tree For Two: Andy's rocket gets stuck in a tall tree, and it's up to Rodney to retrieve it.

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