Roast of Flavor Flav

First of all, if one is not sure, a roast is a series of comedians who submit a short skit on the person being roasted. The roastee is Flavor Flav, a rapper of some thirty odd years. Flavor Flav sits in the hot seat dressed like a king with his huge clock ticking away. The roast has a host or roaster who not only joins in on the roast but introduces each cast member and makes fun of each one of the roasters.

The roast of Flavor Flav is hosted by Katt Williams, and the list of roasters is extensive. The jokes are adult in content and often racist and crude in nature. Be prepared for the material to go into the rated R zone, as some of the jokes are pretty racy.

Ice T and Snoop Dogg are fellow rappers who love to hit below the belt on everything from Flavor Flav's looks to his parenting skills. The Las Vegas performer, Carrot Top, uses his same prop popping type show to sling insults, all in good fun, at the timeless rapper.

The list goes on to include ex-girlfriend Brigitte Neilsen who reveals a lot about their relationship that flourished after being together on a reality show. Several of the cast members are from the reality show, "The Flavor of Love", and they get down and dirty about Flavor Flav and the other contestants from his show. Lisa Lampenelli is another female comedian that tells mostly sexual and racist jokes about Flavor Flav while all the while making fun of herself in a sexual manner.

Jimmy Kimbell, a well known late night talk show host, shares a lot of personal information and uses the dry humor approach to his skit. Greg Geraldo, from Last Comic Standing, performs as well as Patton Oswalt.

The form of comedy is full of explicit jokes that are intended for a mature audience. There is an abundance of crude language that is not intended for children. The jokes are often of a sexual nature and references to drug usage are numerous. The whole roast is about two hours long and includes close to thirty cast members sharing their jokes about Flavor Flav in a crude but loving way.

Comedy Central
1 Season, 1 Episode
August 12, 2007
Cast: Denis Leary, Jeff Garlin, Sonya Rose Atkinson, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Roast of Flavor Flav

Roast of Flavor Flav Full Episode Guide

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