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Cartoon Network powers up a world of original heroes across the TV and gaming landscape together with the greenlight of this action-packed comedy followed by the console and PC game jointly developed with indie video game studio Capybara games. The knockout series is inspired by creator Ian Jones-Quartey's childhood and follows the heroic feats of K.O., an endlessly optimistic boy attempting to level up to be the best he can be in a dynamic universe of heroes, friends and challenging foes.

Cartoon Network
4 Seasons, 78 Episodes
June 13, 2017
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Courtenay Taylor, Ashly Burch, Ian Jones-Quartey, David Herman
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OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes Full Episode Guide

  • K.O., Enid and Rad attempt to solve a mystery.

  • Lakewood's Megafootball team takes on their rival in a big game.

  • Enid is forced to confront lingering issues from a past friendship.

  • When Enid goes to a new school, K.O. sets out to make sure she fits in.

  • Enid and Rad go on a road trip to deliver a package.

  • Dendy and KO discover a fun and exciting new POW Card exploit.

  • When Red Action is called to the future for an epic battle, Enid is unsure of what to do.

  • TKO is getting restless.

  • When a Gloop infestation takes over the plaza, Point arrives to contain the situation.

  • When a new substitute shows up, K.O. and Dendy decide they need to get their old teacher back.

  • K.O. tries to help a hero in need and ends up needing some help of his own.

  • Our heroes discover that the Boxmore security camera feed is the most entertaining thing ever.

  • K.O., Enid and Rad team up to help Carol out with a special occasion.

  • Mr. Gar brings in some team building experts to help KO, Enid and Rad.

  • When the plaza has its own film festival, KO, Enid and Rad are sure their entry will win!

  • Everyone is forced to deal with some major changes at Boxmore.

  • When our heroes return from time off, KO is horrified to discover that things have changed.

  • Watch this sneak peek of OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes, Vol.4!

  • Dendy tries helping K.O. control T.K.O. while Lord Boxman reveals his progeny.

  • Red attempts to upgrade his van and make it fly.

  • K.O. teams up with Beardo to make the perfect meal for Carol.

  • Dynamite Watkins has to go extreme lengths breaking a new story.

  • When a charismatic huckster shows up to the plaza, the product he's selling turns everything upside down.

  • KO's inner monologue details his journey to being a hero. Dynamite Watkins reports on a day at Gar's. Lord Boxman explains where all the robots come from. KO, Rad, and Enid try to figure out Mr. Gar's adventure. Enid and Rad switch jobs.

  • Dendy fills in for KO at the bodega.

  • KO learns the story of how Mr. Logic came to the plaza.

  • A Real Magic Skeleton discovers a new job opportunity.

  • KO, Rad, and Enid look back at the Lakewood Plaza Turbo pilot.

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