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In this animated adventure series, four young ninjas battle against the nefarious plots of Lord Garmadon and his skeleton army. To do so, they'll have to use their amazing powers of spinjitsu. Also, the ninjas and their entire world is made out of Legos, providing a neat product tie-in for the series.

Weekdays 6:30 PM et/pt on Cartoon Network
8 Seasons, 97 Episodes
January 14, 2011
Cast: Michael Adamthwaite, Kelly Metzger, Kirby Morrow, Vincent Tong
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NinjaGo: Masters of Spinjitzu Full Episode Guide

  • The Ninja race to save Lloyd, as a more powerful-than-ever Lord Garmadon creates an enormous Colossi to help him rule Ninjago and defeat the ninja.

  • Just when the Ninja think they have saved the day, Lord Garmadon returns to Ninjago, and frees Harumi, who encourages him to "achieve his True Potential" by conquering the one thing that has always stood in his way... his son, Lloyd.

  • The Ninja appeal to the police commissioner of Ninjago in an effort to help save Lloyd and thwart Harumi.

  • As Lloyd and Harumi search the Oni Temple for the last mask, the ninja are taken hostage and discover Princess Harumi's true intentions.

  • As Lloyd and Harumi venture deep into Primeval's Eye in search of the third Oni Mask, the ninja attempt to fix the Bounty and make a starling discovery.

  • The Ninja fly abroad the Bounty, where they discover that a transmission Zane intercepted may reveal the hidden location of the Sons of Garmadon's leader, the Quiet One.

  • Zane goes undercover as Snake Jaguar and must compete in a deadly bike initiation race.

  • After escaping the Sons of Garmadon, Jay and Lloyd learn the tale of the Oni and the Dragon from Wu's old friend and tea shop owner, Mistaké.

  • Lloyd and Princess Harumi venture through the streets of Ninjago City, meanwhile Cole follows Hutchins into a secret chamber.

  • A year has passed since Master Wu was lost in time. The Ninja are spread across Ninjago on active missions, but are prompted to regroup when a powerful relic is stolen.

  • Kai and Nya stow away with the Hands of Time to save Master Wu, and must help the Elemental Masters prevent Krux and Acronix from re-writing NinjaGo history.

  • Kai and Nya are blackmailed into using their elemental powers to retrieve the final Time Blade from the Boiling Sea.

  • Kai confronts his father for aiding the Hands of Time; the team works to free Wu, Cyrus Borg and the other captives.

  • Nya confronts the Samurai X imposter; Kai pursues the truth about his parents; the others try to locate and rescue Master Wu.

  • The team celebrates their escape from the Vermillion Army, but Acronix and Krux are determined to get their Blade back.

  • The Ninja try to save MegaMonster Amusement Park; Jay defends his family's home against Vermillion Warriors.

  • Kai's investigation of a Vermillion Warrior helmet leads him to discover that Krux is alive, and living under an assumed identity.

  • The Ninja learn more about Krux and Acronix, two fallen Elemental Masters, and discover a new enemy, the Vermillion Warriors.

  • Master Wu engages in a battle with one of the twin Hands of Time, but the Ninja arrive at the monastery just in time.

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