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This reality follows the daily lives of people who live in the remote parts of Alaska throughout the year, even during the state's horrifically brutal winters. Hunting, fishing, trading and foraging are the keys to survival in this environment, and life is always a struggle. The series airs on the National Geographic Channel.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on National Geographic
8 Seasons, 109 Episodes
May 19, 2013
Action & Adventure, Documentary & Biography, Drama, Family
Cast: James Franzo, Agnes Hailstone, Sue Aikens, Chip Hailstone
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  • Alaska is a land of extremes where diverse terrain presents unique challenges.

  • Alaskans face dangerous predators in the remote wilderness.

  • Alaskans living in remote wilderness face the daily challenge of getting enough food to survive.

  • A select few Alaskans choose to live alone in the unforgiving Alaskan wilderness.

  • Alaskans travel the Arctic rivers to hunt for fresh food and gather supplies.

  • Fire and ice play important roles in the Arctic tundra.

  • Alaskans must seize the last days of warmth to hunt and fish along the water's edge.

  • With the freeze drawing near, the need for Alaskans to prepare for winter is hastened.

  • Long days and warm temperatures provide optimal conditions for Alaskans to make sure their bodies and minds are prepared for the coming winter.

  • With warm conditions in the Arctic, Alaskans brave the land and waterways to hunt for fresh food and gather supplies to improve their homesteads.

  • Waterways provide Alaskans with resources and food but can also be dangerous.

  • With only a brief window between breakup and winter, Alaskans scramble to complete chores that will make life easier when the deep chill returns.

  • Daylight for 24-hours in the spring allows Alaskans to work nonstop to prepare for winter.

  • As the ice and snow melt across the Arctic, Alaskans take advantage of the warm season.

  • In the final days of winter, Alaskans use their time to prepare for what lies ahead.

  • Alaskans learn new survival skills as winter loses its grip on the Arctic landscape.

  • At the apex of winter, a lack of snowfall in the Arctic makes basic tasks more difficult

  • Alaskans scurry to find precious resources in a constantly changing winter landscape.

  • In the midst of dark winter, Alaskans burn the midnight oil to complete necessary tasks.

  • Alaskans struggle to survive the brief, cold and dark days as winter overtakes the land.

  • Alaskans race to secure resources and ready their camps for the coming winter.

  • Alaskans harvest necessary resources in unfamiliar territories to prepare for a dark and cold winter.

  • Alaskans attempt to survive a year in the Arctic.

  • Adventurers battle to survive in different regions of the Alaskan wilderness.

  • Andy Bassich lives an independent life with his sled dogs in the remote Alaskan wilderness.

  • As the thaw draws to a close, Alaskans maximize their final days of sunlight in the Arctic.

  • Alaskans must ensure they are prepared to withstand the extreme cold that lies ahead.

  • As the summer begins to fade, Alaskans must take advantage of the long days to prepare for the long freeze that lies ahead.

  • The final leg of Martin's 2500-mile campervan trip around the UK finishes in Pembrokeshire where he rustles up a foraged flower cordial and gets the whole family involved in creating campervan burgers, but the trip may end sooner than expected.

  • As the rivers melt, Alaskans try to stay ahead of the changing landscape.

  • Alaskans face tremendous obstacles with the spring breakup in full swing.

  • As the snow melts and the ice on the waterways breaks up, the Arctic becomes a land of opportunity. The Hailstones hunt, Sue Aikens reopens her greenhouse, and Glenn Villeneuve returns home.

  • With seasons changing in the Arctic, Alaskans hunt in the wilderness before the spring breakup fully arrives.

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