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Did you ever wonder how taffy, hovercraft, bicycle seats or the new hydrogen fuel cells are manufactured? Find out just by watching the television show, How It's Made. How It's Made is a great show for children and adults alike. Aired by the Discovery Channel network, it can be seen in a number of countries. The show typically consists of three to four segments. Each segment shows from start to finish how a product is made. At the beginning of the show, there is a history segment going into discussing an item's past and how it was made then versus the current process.

The segments take place in actual factories and workshops showing experienced assemblers, artisans or technicians making the products. One can see the machines, tools and processes that are required for each step. Products can be anything from a food product such as potato chips or bologna to sporting goods like skateboards. Caskets, jet skis and airplane propellers have been featured on the show. The show's website allows fans to suggest other products they would like to see.

This is an excellent show for increasing children's interest in the world around them. It is like watching portions of an encyclopedia put on video. It can be used to start reading and research into a particular product or process and increase a child's desire to learn. For adults, it is a fun show to watch to see how all those things that are taken for granted day-to-day are made. Learn to look at things in a whole new light, watch How It's Made.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on Science Channel
21 Seasons, 391 Episodes
January 6, 2001
Documentary & Biography, Science & Technology
Cast: Brooks T. Moore
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How It's Made Full Episode Guide

  • Find out how Thai barbecues, diving masks and fins, and bassoons are made.

  • Find out how hollow disk pumps, palm sugar, and yachts are made.

  • Find out how endoscopes, megaphones, and uranium are made.

  • Find out how macarons, pine needle baskets, and micrometers are made.

  • Find out how nail files, birch canoes, boat hardtops, and high-voltage circuit breakers are made.

  • Find out how potash, leather bracelets, wild rice, and hex key L wrenches are made.

  • Find out how ultra-thin glass, pallet dismantling machines, cupcakes, and seamless stainless steel tubes are made.

  • Find out how cartridge blades, chocolate banana loaves, vending machines, and dive computers are made.

  • Find out how angle grinders, berry baskets, and omnidirectional speakers are made.

  • Find out how pasta dies, blueberries, composting toilets, and surge arresters are made.

  • Find out how classic car gauges, chocolate marble cake, ghillie kettles, and rubber gloves are made.

  • Find out how coconut charcoal, dial indicators, wet downdraft tables, and basson reeds are made.

  • Find out how race car oil, plaster moldings, lemongrass oil, and fly tying vises are mad

  • Find out how mortars, pestles bowling lane conditioners, creamtories and wood playsets are made.

  • Find out how Chinese style furniture, electrical switches, Thai fish sauce, and cappers are made.

  • Find out how combination squares, farmed shrimp, ball valves, and string trimmers are made.

  • Find out how wood toys, retro toasters, laboratory furnaces, and aerogels are made.

  • Find out how mosquito coils, solar-assist tricycles, palm oil, & fiberglass chopper guns are made.

  • Find out how wooden matches, tillage machines, telescopic gangways, and mabe pearls are made.

  • Find out how commercial drones, aquarium fish, runway cleaners, and shuttlecocks are made.

  • Find out how LED tubes, chocolate peanut butter bars, and robotic medication dispensers are made.

  • Find out how graphene, the world's smallest car, force testers, and composite cans are made.

  • Find out how chemical tank pressure vents, candy wafers, food trucks and traditional ropes are made.

  • Find out how CNC assembly machines, lemon tarts, and miniature war figures are made.

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