Homestead Rescue Hacks Revealed

Homestead Rescue Hacks Revealed (also known as "Homestead Hacks") is a spin-off series from the Discovery Channel's "Homestead Rescue" series that aired in 2016.

Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
1 Season, 6 Episodes
May 5, 2017
Adventure, Drama, Reality, Travel
Homestead Rescue Hacks Revealed

Homestead Rescue Hacks Revealed Full Episode Guide

  • Marty Raney looks back on the Ettinger homestead in Montana, where the family faces predators and a lack of food and water.

  • The Raneys must convince two young homesteaders to reign in their free-range ideals in order to salvage their off-grid dream.

  • Marty reflects on the Garcia homestead in Colorado, where homesteaders live in fear of predator attacks and an unreliable power source.

  • New homesteaders Josh and Kimberley Zabec left their comfortable middle class lives to start a free-range pig farm, but face hardship as predators kill their livestock.

  • Marty revisits the struggling Russell family in Pennsylvania.

  • The Raneys face their toughest homesteading challenge yet, a headstrong Alaskan couple in desperate need of help.

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