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The story of Generator Rex is about a fifteen year old boy who works for a government agency called Providence. The mission of both Rex and Providence to battle, contain and cure mutants called Evos. Five years previously an explosion of an experimental reactor has spread microscopic nanites across the globe creating mutant creatures. However the mutations are not always primal. One threat that Rex much face is Van Kleiss and his band of evos Biowolf, Breach, Skalamander and one new recruit Circe a girl who has the power of a hypersonic scream. Rex faces Van Kleiss many times before throwing him into another machine. However this machine acted as a gateway to the second century AD during the height of the Roman Empire.

Rex does not have to fact this threat alone, with his allies Agent Six and the monkey Bobo Haha no creature is too big to handle. Another ally that helps is the knowledgeable Doctor Holiday. Although she is both trained as a medical doctor and research scientist. Her main focus is nanite research and handle any medical emergency. White Knight is leader of Providence and the only man who was not infected with electrical nanites. Rex goes on missions with his friends to all corners of the globe to deal with mutated creatures that threaten people. Other times the threat can be more closer than anyone realizes. In later seasons Rex discovers that he has an older brother name Cesar. His technical skill are useful whenever there is need for some hands on technical work.

However a power struggle in Providence has left Rex on his own to deal with other priorities like staying alive. And the threat of the new leader Black Knight, a mysterious woman with ulterior motives. After some time Rex will discover his family roots down in Mexico along with other secrets that he must figure out.

Over all this action packed adventure is something worthy of a graphic novel series.

Friday 8:30 PM et/pt on Cartoon Network
4 Seasons, 65 Episodes
April 23, 2010
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Daryl Sabara, Grey DeLisle, John DiMaggio, Wally Kurth
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Generator Rex Full Episode Guide

  • Rex must risk losing his memory and resort to his last line of defense to defeat the Consortium. But will it be enough?

  • Black Knight attacks the Providence Defect Team and takes a Master Control Nanite out of Rex, allowing her to use Rex's powers.

  • Rex is hired to be the bodyguard of a rock band!

  • Rex must risk losing his memory and resort to his last line of defense to defeat the Consortium. But will it be enough?

  • The Consortium has obtained the Master Control nanites! Can Rex stop them from wreaking havoc?

  • Ben and Rex must battle the deadly Alpha Nanite that entered New York through a swirling vortex as it continues on its path of destruction.

  • Ben Tennyson shows up and helps Rex fight off a deadly Alpha Nanite.

  • The Black Knight frees some of Rex's most dangerous enemies!

  • Jungle Cat returns to help Rex and Six battle Consortium.

  • Rex inherits a farm in South America and invites his friends to explore it with him.

  • Circe is acting peculiar after joining Rex and the gang at the Plant.

  • Something is after Van Kliess on his journey back through time.

  • Rex discovers that Quarry is using Providence's collars to control his Evo friends!

  • Rex races to Abysus in hopes of beating the Black Knight and Providence there.

  • Rex and Noah transport an EVO who has the ability to interfere with Rex's powers.

  • Rex must infiltrate New Providence.

  • Rex plans a prank on Noah and manipulates Bobo into his scheming.

  • Rex loses his goggles during a fight and must attempt a crazy mission to retrieve them!

  • The gang is off to Egypt, where strange EVO activity surfaces.

  • Noah secures a position at the TV studio where Rex's favorite show is filmed.

  • Rex becomes active in underground motorcycle racing.

  • Rex is in an alternate future where the Black Knight is the leader of Providence!

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