The story takes place in the magical land of Earthsea, which is an archipelago composed of hundreds of small islands. There an Evil king bent on conquest and seeking immortality for himself is plotting to release an ancient evil imprisoned by the wise priestesses. Meanwhile a young man named Ged, the son of a blacksmith, dreams of becoming a wizard. He travels to the island of Roke to learn magic but soon his fate and that of the King become intertwined as his power is revealed.

1 Season, 2 Episodes
December 13, 2004
Drama, Fantasy, Mini-Series
Cast: Sebastian Roché, Chris Gauthier, Jennifer Calvert, Emily Hampshire

Earthsea Full Episode Guide

  • On a neighbouring island, the priestesses who have been tasked with guarding the Nameless Ones for aeons, believe that Ged is a dark sorceror intent on bringing about the destruction of Earthsea.Meanwhile, Ged is searching for a way to defeat the Nameless One, he believes that to do so he must talk to the Dragon, who if he can best will truthfully answer three questions. But will this help him defeat the Nameless One...

  • When his village is threatened by the invading forces of King Tygath, Ged does an astonishing feat of magic to save his village and friends. This magic alerts Ogion, an old and powerful mage, to his presence, and volunteers to take him under his wing and teach him magic. So Ged leaves with him to study, but he becomes impatient with the slow pace of his education, so Ogion sends him to Roke, the island of wizardry, to study with some of the greatest wizards in Earthsea. Ged quickly advances in his classes, so much so that Jasper, an arrogant and wealthy student, manages to persuade Ged to try a dangerous spell, which ends up summoning a Nameless One, a dark and terrible being. Ged must leave the school to try and find a way to defeat the evil that he has unleashed...

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