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Dude, What Would Happen is a television show that aired on Cartoon Network between August 2009 and September 2011. The show is a live-action reality television series featuring the exploits and experiments of three teenage boys. After four seasons Cartoon Network did not renew the series. Each episode is approximately twenty-two to twenty-five minutes in length.

The show is hosted by three teenage boys named C.J. Manigo, Jackson Rogow, and Ali Sepasyar. They travel across the United States searching for questions to answers that appeal to them and their audience. The questions are all solved using the scientific method, although the show lacks most of the refinement and slow qualities usually associated with lab work. All of the stunts are performed by professionals, and with professional supervision. While the experiments are being performed one or more of the boys will provide a voice over, or the camera will cut to them, so that they can illuminate their audience to different facts, opinions, or possible outcomes.

Wednesday 8:30 PM et/pt on Cartoon Network
4 Seasons, 41 Episodes
August 19, 2009
Cast: C.J. Manigo, Jackson Rogow, Ali Sepasyar
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Dude, What Would Happen Full Episode Guide

  • Cartoon Stunts - C/Squish the Unsquishable/Shrink Ourselves

  • Sticky Bubble Gum /Spitballs to the next Level/Famous Sayings

  • In a series of experiments, Snowmen and scarecrows face wind and fire.

  • Superheroes Race / Hardcore Boring Games / Cook Outside the Kitchen

  • Cartoon Stunts - D / Spaceman / Jungle

  • Best of Dude - B / Open a Door with a Catapult / Rodeo a Dragon

  • Ultimate Splash / Strength of Paper / Airbags

  • Catapult to Sun Tan Lotion / Water

  • Bounce a Bike / Ram-Off / The Best of Dude, What Would Happen

  • Animal Snacks / Pop a Giant Zit / Rodeo a Slug

  • Squish the Unsquishable; Cartoon Stunts-C; Shrink Ourselves

  • Dude, what would happen if we tried the Ultimate Splash? If we Magnetize Ourselves?

  • Dude, what would happen if we tried cartoon stunts? If we tested hard candy's hardness? If we played hardcore games?

  • Dude what would happen if we took on the sticky power of bubble gum? If we had a test of force? If tape battled velcro?

  • Dude what would happen if we could camp anywhere? If we could bounce the un-bounceable? If we tried to pierce things with an arrow?

  • Dude, what would happen if we deep freezed stuff and then cracked it open? If we used slingshots to improve our lives? If two identical things crashed into each other?

  • Dude, what would happen if we tried to fly? If we attempted cartoon stunts? If we tried the ultimate trick shot?

  • The dudes play sports in the dark and later have the ultimate food fight in a food court.

  • The dudes use paintballs to paint a house and try to crack a safe -- literally.

  • The dudes combine as many as Olympic sports as possible. Later, Jackson gets "aqua powers."

  • The dudes slam-dunk a host of things -- including themselves. Later, they run chariot races through a school.

  • The guys try doing their laundry with a dog and stage the ultimate tug-of-war. Later, it's a battle between a vampire and a werewolf.

  • The guys turbo-boost a bathroom and act out well-known expressions such as "a bull in a china shop."

  • The dudes become crash-test dummies, go bowling in space and play fire tetherball.

  • The dudes surf in class and plan a grand entrance on the football field in the Season 2 premiere.

  • Dude, what would happen if we had a mega air skate contest on a mobile skate park, tried getting our jobs done faster and tried making regular mail more like email?

  • Dude, what would happen if we tried texting like Cavemen, created "pop music" with balloons and bubble wrap and tried asking a girl to prom with a falcon?

  • Dude, what would happen if we tried to be the ball, took on making school tests 3-D and attempted to bring our favorite cartoon rivals to life?

  • The dudes become a human arcade, think about chores without the hard work, and contemplate the inner beast.

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