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Crank yankers is a television show in which actual prank calls are made to unsuspecting victims and then broadcast so that the audience can witness the latest responses to the calls on the television show. The person making the crank call is represented by a puppet that is voiced by a celebrity like Wanda Sykes or Jimmy Kimmel who all have various personas from a mother of 13 children to a basketball star the voices are also sometimes voiced by guest celebrities that can range from Britney Spears to Jessica Simpson

The puppets are used as a visual comedy aid so that the viewer can watch the puppets reaction to the questions that the victim is answering and also the types of puppets used for each call. Help to determine the type of questions and responses in jokes. A given victim is going to experience all of these crank calls are situational. Meaning that the actor is pretending to be someone taking a survey or placing a mistaken call and then the victim on the other end of the phone is coaxed along by the actor's ability to play with words and innuendos to obtain the funniest response possible each episode of this television show consists out several calls made by each puppet of the show is in a half-hour format. The goal seems to be to see how far each actor can get their victim to go with the questions and how long they can keep them on the phone and play out each scenario.

It should however be noted that the calls are not actually dialed in a live format but are recorded and played back as I'm sure the actors get a basic premise from the writers and of them a playoff the responses of the victim, which is much easier to do with a recorded call. It should also be noted that this show is not intended for younger viewers, and it does have foul language and situational humor of a sexual nature. So it is suggested that viewer discretion should be exercised before viewing this program.

Comedy Central
4 Seasons, 72 Episodes
June 2, 2002
Comedy, Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Artie Esposito, BJ Guyer, Paul McGinnis, Victor Yerrid
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Crank Yankers Full Episode Guide

  • A shady car dealer tries to sell a stolen luxury car in an episode of the crank calling series; features Nick Cannon, David Alan Grier, Adam Carolla & Jimmy Kimmel.

  • Sav McCaulay calls from The Phone Zone game show in an episode of the crank calling series; features Dane Cook, Jimmy Kimmel & Adam Carolla.

  • Andy phones the neighborhood shops. Ryan calls to have a fur coat made for his daughter's doll; features Andy Milonakis, Jimmy Kimmel & Ryan Dunn.

  • Francis calls to order congratulatory trophies for his last-place team in an episode of the crank calling series; features Dave Chappelle, Adam Carolla, Jimmy Kimmel & Jim Florentine.

  • Two drunk Irish guys interview a potential assistant. Lil Jon calls a daycare for Special Ed; features Good Charlotte, Lil Jon, Sarah Silverman & Jim Florentine.

  • Chamillionaire is punked by the manager of a rival artist. Jack Larson calls about his dog's excessive ticks; features Chamillionaire, Dane Cook & Jimmy Kimmel.

  • Steve-O calls about skydiving. Special Ed calls a grocery store about his mom's melons; features Steve-O, Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman, Jim Florentine & Kenan Thompson.

  • Lil Jon calls a classical harpist to join his pimped out tour in the season premiere of the crank calling series; features Lil Jon, Andy Milonakis, Sarah Silverman & Jimmy Kimmel.

  • Join Elmer and all your favorites in this collection of the crudest Crank Yankers calls. Yanker voices: Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman, Seth MacFarlane, Adam Carolla, Kevin Kimmel, Dr. Drew Pinsky, and Lisa Kushell.

  • Join Gladys and all of your favorites in this collection of the craziest and crudest calls from the third season of Crank Yankers. Yanker voices: Wanda Sykes, Tracy Morgan, Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman, Jim Florentine, Adam Carolla, and Tony Barbieri.

  • Hadassah calls to rent a Santa; Ed wants to play with reindeers.

  • Cammie has doubts about Santa; Hadassah interviews an NFL quarterback for a teen magazine. Yanker voices: Lisa Kushell, Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman, Tony Barbieri, Kevin Nealon, Ludacris, and Cleto Escobedo III.

  • Spoonie Luv promotes his one-man love-scene videos; Elmer calls a news station. Yanker voices: Jim Florentine, Charles Fleischer, Adam Carolla, Jimmy Kimmel, and Tracy Morgan.

  • Murray calls a restaurant to complain; Birchum recruits strong men to do his chores. Yanker voices: Katie Kimmel, Adam Carolla, Lisa Kushell, Jimmy Kimmel, Tony Barbieri, and David Alan Grier.

  • Terrence casts a reality show; Hadassah develops a sentimental attachment to someone else's lost wallet. Yanker voices: David Alan Grier, Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman, Hank Azaria, and Jason Schwartzman.

  • Cammie needs a sturdy bed for her nighttime activities; Kevin and Kate conduct a survey. Yanker voices: Drew Carey, Tony Barbieri, Jim Florentine, Lisa Kushell, Katie Kimmel, Kevin Kimmel, and Jeff Goldblum.

  • Spoonie plans a night out; Elmer searches for the right personal assistant. Yanker voices: Johnathan Kimmel, Tracy Morgan, Lisa Kushell, Jimmy Kimmel, Bob Odenkirk, Tony Barbieri, and Adam Carolla.

  • Ludacris calls his label head with some exciting news; Gladys has a problem with her new phone. Yanker voices: Ludacris, Sarah Silverman, Jimmy Kimmel, Wanda Sykes, Tony Barbieri, Jim Florentine, and Drew Carey.

  • Special Ed tries to get the alcohol monkey off his back; Rudy learns about breast feeding. Yanker voices: Jim Florentine, Fred Stoller, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth MacFarlane, Kevin Kimmel, Reed Agnew, and Tracy Morgan.

  • Hadassah calls to rent a Santa; Ed wants to play with reindeer.

  • Norman complains of senior abuse; Terrence casts a show for Spike Lee. Yanker voices: Bob Odenkirk, Jimmy Kimmel, Lisa Kushell, Seth MacFarlane, Adam Carolla, Tony Barbieri, and Tracy Morgan.

  • Rudy needs help with his script; Special Ed calls a doughnut shop. Yanker voices: Kevin Nealon, Dane Cook, Brian Posehn, Tony Barbieri, Fred Stoller, Jim Florentine, and Jimmy Kimmel.

  • Cammie gets steamy home videos edited professionally; Niles answers a personal ad. Yanker voices: Katie Kimmel, Adam Carolla, Lisa Kushell, Jimmy Kimmel, Tony Barbieri, Morgan Murphy, and David Alan Grier.

  • Gladys gets ready for a big date; Birchum calls a homeless shelter. Yanker voices: Wanda Sykes, Kevin Nealon, Jimmy Kimmel, Fred Stoller, Adam Carolla, Jim Florentine, and Jordan Rubin.

  • The Truth needs to hire a P.I.; Sonny Tanning calls a nursing home. Yanker voices: David Alan Grier, Seth MacFarlane, Kevin Kimmel, Johnathan Kimmel, Adam Carolla, and Jimmy Kimmel.

  • Niles recruits for a basketball team; Special Ed in space. Yanker voices: Jimmy Kimmel, Jim Florentine, Kevin Nealon, Tony Barbieri, and Sarah Silverman.

  • Special Ed needs his hair cut; Birchum is on the hunt. Yanker voices: Sarah Silverman, Tony Barbieri, Jim Florentine, Adam Carolla, Jimmy Kimmel, and Bob Odenkirk.

  • Cammie needs a house sitter; Hadassah interviews an artist. Yanker voices: Lisa Kushell, Sarah Silverman, Adam Carolla, Kevin Nealon, Tony Barbieri, Andy Richter, Tom Stern, and Johnathan Kimmel.

  • Gladys calls a man about balls; Elmer needs driving lessons. Yanker voices: Katie Kimmel, Kevin Kimmel, Wanda Sykes, Kimmy Kimmel, Hank Azaria, Fred Stoller, Jack Osbourne, and Jim Florentine.

  • Special Ed and Special Em want to go bowling; Spoonie makes reservations for a special night. Yanker voices: Tony Barbieri, Sarah Silverman, Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla, and Jim Florentine.

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Adam Carolla Apologizes for LGBT Comments

Comedian Adam Carolla has issued an apology for the latest round in a string of anti-gay remarks spouted off on his "Adam Carolla Show" podcast. Carolla apparently wondered aloud, "When did we start giving a sh*t about these [transgendered] people?"

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