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"They were fighting over a woman when the plane went down. Now, their only chance for survival is each other."

The Edge is an action movie staring Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin. Supporting cast includes Elle McPherson and Harold Perrineau. This movie is rated R for language and some gore violence. The show is approximately two hours long. Billionaire Charles Morse decides to accompany his model wife Mickey on his birthday to her latest fashion shoot. During the small plane trip to a cabin in the mountains, you learn that Charles has a thirst for knowledge when Mickey's photographer Robert gives him a book on how to survive in the wilderness. Thinking this trip will be quiet time with his wife and their friends, Charles is surprised with a party for him at the cabin.

The next day under the pretense that Robert is looking for the best place to shoot photos, he convinces Charles to come along with his camera assistant Stephen to scout out the area. However, the short plane ride to the mountain cabin proves to be disastrous when the plane crashes into the freezing water. The pilot doesn't survive, but Charles is able to help rescue his friends from the plane, and all three swim to shore.

Stranded without food and water, the three try and survive the freezing wilderness. Using knowledge that Charles gained from reading his survival book, the men work to create a fire and catch food. During the crash Stephen is injured. Charles and Robert try to bandage him up and move on to a more open spot to be seen by a rescue plane. However, his bloody bandages attract the attention of a bear which proves to be fatal for Stephen.

Now it is up to Charles and Robert to survive and hope for a rescue. The only problem is Robert really rigged the trip with Charles so he could get him out of the way and claim the man's wife. A struggle between the pair results in Robert's death, and Charles is finally rescued. You are left with a teary reunion between Charles and his wife, and a souvenir for Mickey proves Charles knew of her affair. Even with the knowledge of the affair and his planned death, Charles never says a bad word about his friends to the press. He expresses his heart felt sorrow of their death for giving their lives to save his.

| 1997 | 1 hr 57 min | 6.9/10
Lee Tamahori
The Edge
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